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Trough Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-08 12:02:16
In the use of solar power portable generator,trough solar generator is only commercially proven technology after 20 years of operation in the world , its cost is much lower than PV. Its energy storage system or combustion system can achieve 24-hour operation, the cost of electricity is also very competitive. At present, Europe and United States is building a number of improved trough solar thermal power system, its performance is more superior.

Trough solar power portable generator is a mirror of sunlight converged by the parabolic trough concentrating in the focal line, installed in the focal line of the tubular collectors to absorb solar radiation after the focus. After the tube was heated fluid flowing through the heat exchanger to heat the water to produce steam to generate electricity by means of the steam power cycle. The device from morning to track the sun continuously running from west to east, with the focal line of the collector axis parallel north-south layout, this is a one-dimensional model to track the sun, easy tracking, and high optical efficiency. Concentration ratio in the range of 30-80, range up to 400℃.
solar power generator for home
Trough solar power generator has the following advantages:

First, the installation and maintenance more convenient;
Second, multi-synchronous condenser collector can track, it greatly reduced the cost of tracking control;
Third, the absorber is tubular so that heating the working medium flow, it is also the process of energy concentration, so the overall cost of the relative minimum, maximum economic efficiency, which is the first to commercialize the system is the reason why in the world.

Currently, the direct result of a new absorption tube high-pressure water vapor have been developed, it can cancel the heat transfer oil circuit, thereby reducing the cost of running the system and to increase the safety of the operation.

Trough portable solar power generation to master advanced technology of foreign enterprises are mainly distributed in the United States, Israel and Germany. Collector tube (HCE) is one core technology of this system. Currently, the only Israeli Solel and Germany Schott could manufacture and provide. Each collector unit length of 12 meters, vertical by the 7-shaped parabolic mirror glass composition, glass mirror laterally by the four components. Glass mirror symmetrical arrangement, a total of 28. SKAL-ET150 collector assembly by the driving means to drive in the middle.

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