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Trolley Portable Solar Power Generator System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 18:02:57
Material Selection Lever Rod Portable Solar Power Generator System
Case substrate material selection lever portable solar power supply system. Case substrate rod portable solar power generator system are used 8mm thick epoxy board. Epoxy material having excellent mechanical properties, high dielectric properties, resistance to surface leakage, arc-resistant, with excellent alkali resistance, acid resistance and solvent resistance, good chemical stability, resistance to most fungi, in harsh use under tropical conditions. The outer layer of the substrate labeled with orange peel pattern embossed aluminum oxide, can be made into a variety of colors, that is waterproof and beautiful, excellent material properties make this trolley portable solar power generator system can adapt to complex and harsh environments, such as deserts, mountains, sea , saline, high altitude and other occasions can be used.
 Portable Solar Power Generator System
Trolley Solar Power Portable Generator System Control Panel foil material selection. Semi-open structure of the trolley is provided with an L-shaped panel, the panel substrates using 5mm thick epoxy boards, panels posted a fluorescent film, improve night vision, no other auxiliary light source at night using the system control panel, and more suitable for night operations.
Composition Rod Rod Portable Solar Power Generator System
Trolley Solar Power Portable Generator System is divided into solar modules for power generation off the power supply box and trolley-type case in two parts, solar panel power folding box comprises a box body, a solar cell module, bracket three parts; drawbars power supply box includes lever handles, batteries, controller, inverter, power output panel, bottom wheel. Energy emitted by the solar cell module is stored in the battery, after converting the voltage level can provide direct DC power for the DC load use, it can also be converted into alternating current through the inverter for AC load use.
 portable solar power generator
Solar Power Portable Generator System component design folding boxes. Solar modules for power generation folding box contains two cabinet, two cabinet is connected by a hinge, each housing a seal fixed solar modules, the upper edge assembly is fixed triangular aluminum, aluminum with triangular assembly with silicone adhesive, adhesive after aluminum housing with riveted, good sealing effect, and does not cast a shadow on the solar power batteries block.
Solar modules for power box off the back of the box has a built-in stents, stent made of cold-rolled steel plate, the bracket is made using the stamping process, can be opened manually when using the stand to make solar modules in working condition to maintain a certain elevation, it subject to the strongest light, to achieve the maximum power generation efficiency. In order to reduce the overall volume of the module case, the stent partially embedded components within the box, do not take up extra space.
Each provided with a middle upper box air plugs, air plug on the wire and the power supply box panel can be connected to the power supply box is provided with four air plugs, you can connect two solar modules for solar power portable generation off the box that is 4 solar modules. Specific structure shown in Figure 1 right half.
Design of rod type power supply box. The entire rod type power supply box semi-open design, the left half of FIG. 1, the front housing portion is provided with L-shaped opening, the opening edge of the concave-shaped aluminum, with its lid, cover edge of a convex fonts aluminum, aluminum convex-shaped upper portion fitted with rubber seals, snap cover, the concave and convex-shaped aluminum shaped aluminum complexes play a waterproof, easy to open and close the lid, the box opening Department has L-shaped control panel with switch, DC output interface, AC output interfaces, cooling fans, air plugs and other devices on the panel. Bottom-rod fixed a battery power supply box used to store electrical energy, cabinets fixed side wall controllers and inverters, controllers are used to control battery charging and discharging, the inverter is to convert DC to AC unit for AC load use. Exhaust fan is provided on the panel, used to speed up the flow of air to enhance the cooling effect. Trolley portable solar power generator box retractable rear mount strengthen and climbing trolley wheels, telescopic rod up and down, and a self-locking device, to improve their ability to run wild, moving more convenient, enabling climbing mountain slopes or climbing stairs function.
Functional Advantages Rod Portable Solar Power Generator System
Two cabinet trolley solar power portable generator system at the edge of the opening and closing are made of an aluminum inlay edging waterproof rubber ring structure of water, at the edge of the panel affixed with rubber strip. In order to reduce the overall volume of the box, so embedded in the rod portion rod type power supply box housing, so that embedded solar panel power folding boxes cabinets, easily removed when using the stent, when not embedded inside the box, do not take unnecessary space.
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