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Transient Response Theory Hot Water Tank

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-23 15:50:12
In the actual use of the storage tank, the water flow line may form a complete piston flow in the form, so not only can not fully heat, but also make the stored heat can not be fully utilized.

Box structure and circulation of water: mainly refers to the number of partitions within the box and its configuration, the number and diameter of connected pipes and set the location, as well as the shape of the box and circulating water.

Loss of heat and heat: As the water tank itself has a surface of the envelope, it will inevitably have heat loss and heat.For shortening the instantaneous heat set up short-term storage tank, if buried underground Adopt thermal insulation measures, then its thermal dynamic characteristics but negative, because the soil has a heat capacity, emergency backup generators the world can play a certain role in heat storage.
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Storage temperature and heating temperature the so-called storage temperature refers to the end of the solar power generation box when the average water exhaust; and the so-called heating temperature, refers to the heat from the box when the export of water temperature and heat can be fully added And the use of the storage time of the hot water clamp length, are closely related with the temperature of these two methods.

Transient Response Theory of the Hot Water Tank As mentioned above, the change of the outlet water temperature is very important for the heat load when using the hot water storage tank, and the water temperature distribution in the tank can be obtained by theoretically, (Ie, the so-called inlet and outlet temperature), but this must be done using three-dimensional continuity equations, momentum conservation and energy conservation equations to solve the problem, the steps are very complex, The required calculation program is also very long.Portable solar power generator emergency backup generators they are many uses in our lives.

In the actual design, do not need to directly understand the water temperature distribution and velocity distribution, but only need to know the input temperature and input heat changes over time and can obtain the output temperature change with time results can be. Using the transient response (ie, storage and heat characteristics) method, that is, the entire water tank as a solar power generation system, the so-called transient response, that is, how the water temperature changes with the input and output water temperature can be expressed as a linear relationship between the mathematical (Taylor expansion model) according to this model, when not considering the heat exchange with the outside world, in the hot water tank in the direction along the I (or the Taylor expansion model), for example, Mixed diffusion equation.
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