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Total Radiation: Direct Radiation And Diffuse Radiation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-21 12:28:28
The total radiation at ground level: the first part of this section on the ground discussed Keziliyong solar power generation, mainly in terms of the total radiation, and mainly on the location of the observer to the horizontal plane of the connected animal husbandry in terms of total radiation due to the solar radiation on the ground affected by the location Da weather and climatic conditions is very significant, so under normal circumstances, can not be obtained through strict theoretical calculation, but only preclude estimate with some empirical formula.Today many area use off-grid solar power generation system for household electricity, maybe you notice that many people take solar power portable generator when travel or camping.

The total radiation on inclined surfaces: the direct radiation, diffuse radiation and diffuse radiation reflected by the face of the total radiation sky formed must be noted that, the sky scattering radiation: total radiation irradiated inclined surface consists of three parts. and face total radiation reflected although nothing to do with the inclination of the inclined surface, the inclined surface but does not receive the upsetting incident radiation from the sky and the ground. and received direct radiation is also different from the horizontal plane, so It must be used when calculating the tilt factor to be amended.

Tilt factor direct radiation of solar irradiance is private; the inclined surface of the solar irradiance; for the solar zenith angle and f 0 is the incoming solar turtle course can also be people from the table into the following forms: Obviously, for. given the location, since the change of the equator and angle when private on different dates throughout the year and the day is not the same Kinji have been changed. sky and the ground scatter radiation scattered radiation component in the sky, horizontal and inclined surfaces G is the same, but the horizontal plane of the received scattered radiation from the sky; and the inclined surface of the scattered radiation is received both from half the sky, but also from part of the ground from which most of the sky. tilt factor of the scattered radiation should be higher than the figure hemisphere blank portion of the entire surface area of a hemisphere. It reflected solar irradiance ground should be equal to Ta ground solar irradiance and surface reflectance of both the product reaches the solar irradiance ground should include direct and diffuse radiation two components.
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People use a thermal conversion process of light reaching the solar radiation on the earth's surface for living and production services, history is very long and very wide range. To date, solar thermal utilization of solar power generator is still the most mature technology, the conversion efficiency than Gao, one aspect of relatively inexpensive; especially in low temperature heat utilization, heat source and heat load from the right foot both are low grade, so children from the effective use of energy, is the most economical and reasonable in the world, regardless of the industrialized countries or developing countries and regions, are the first for the use of solar energy heat utilization from the beginning, especially in developing countries and regions, due to the general shortage of conventional energy, so when looking for alternative energy in Shanghai, the first research and development It is solar energy (solar generalized course), in particular the use of solar heat.

If you want fine portable soalr power generator i thins UFO is your best choose.Collection of solar energy: thermal use it, the solar collectors, also known as solar collectors depending on the different uses and the desired temperature level, can generally be divided into flat type solar collectors and the former two types of focus. structure and process is relatively simple, but attainable temperature is lower, and more generally in the 100C or less; in recent years due to advances in technology and processes, the use of vacuum tube collectors, which can reach temperatures of more than 1001 ships can reach a temperature of more than 500TC. around, but the structure, process and control system is more complex, specially designed large focusing solar collector surface of the focal spot at the highest temperature up to 3000.

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