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Top 5 Performance of Lithium Battery For Electric Car

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 11:08:14
LifePo4 batteries manufacturers are working to promote electric cars, if they are not successful, what will happen ? It may be like the 1990s the rapid development of the fuel cell developed over the past decade or biofuels, if not heavily subsidized government will not be able to survive. DOE also acknowledged that some of the key parameters of lifePo4 batteries can't meet demand. Newer nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries cheaper than safer, but also more suitable for electric power systems, and research is more mature, work can't be subsidized.

Security: It is one of the most important indicators of the selection of electric vehicle lifePo4 batteries. An accident in the media and public opinion can be enlarged to make public this negative electric vehicles. A similar problem also happened more than 100 years ago, such as the steam engine and petrol tank explosion. The main concern is that people heat runaway of the battery. With sturdy accessories and well-designed safety circuits should be basically solved the problem, but it still may be at risk. Abuse and battery after a long period of use must ensure their safety.
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Life: The reaction of the battery life cycles and storage like use to portable solar power generator. Most battery life of electric vehicles in car use can guarantee 8--10 years, charging time can travel 160 kilometers (about 100 miles). Battery aging caused by the lifePo4 batteries capacity decay is a very serious problem (especially in hot climates). The carmaker aging missing user data under different climatic conditions and battery. Therefore, manufacturers usually increase the size of the lifePo4 battery pack to compensate for the loss of battery capacity, in order to ensure the car within a specified number of years can be used normally.

High or low temperature performance of the battery: reflects the electric car battery performance in very hot summers or very low temperatures in winter. Unlike internal combustion engine can work in a wide temperature range, electric car battery temperature is relatively high. When the power source of the vehicle only from storage battery, the battery energy regulation that the temperature inside the car's heating and cooling required will come from the battery.
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Specific energy: the weight of the battery unit of energy contained in the reaction of the car can travel long miles. It is clearly recognized that the energy per unit weight of the battery output accounted for only 1% of the fossil fuels. Gasoline 1kg (1.4 Sheng 0.37 gallons) capacity of about 12kWh, while 1kg battery is only about 120Wh. But we need to know, the motor efficiency is higher than 90%, while only about 30% of the internal combustion engine. Despite such a big difference in efficiency, energy storage capacity of the battery does not increase 2-4 times is not possible and the engine par.

Specific power: the car's acceleration related, most electric car batteries are not lower than the power. Same horsepower motor and engine torque compared to better than.

Cost: This is the main disadvantage of electric vehicles. BCG predicts difficult to target cost of the battery is limited to $ 250-400 / KWh. And there are other factors have contributed to increased costs, such as providing safety protection circuit, battery management system status that is still important for solar power portable generator, ambient temperature control to keep, and 8--10-year warranty. These factors result in the price of the battery is equivalent to a non-powered car prices, the price of electric vehicles is basically double again.

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