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Top 5 Advantages Of LifePo4 Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-13 10:38:23
LifePo4 batteries has at least the following five advantages,compared to the current market, the more common lithium cobalt and manganese lithium batteries,  lifePo4 advantages : greater safety, longer life, does not contain any heavy metals and rare metals (raw materials low cost), support for fast charging, wide operating temperature range.

Greater Security

LifePo4 batterise for portable solar power generator completely solve the safety problems of lithium cobalt oxide and lithium manganese oxide, and in the chemical bonds binding phosphate bond stronger than conventional transition metal oxide structure, the structure is more stable, and readily release oxygen.
Portable Solar Power Generator System
Longer Life

Lithium-ion batteries currently on the market most of the mobile power used internally, the basic life cycle of about 500 -800 times, while the lithium LifePo4 has at least 2,000 times more than life, and its capacity can be maintained at 80 %the above. So if mobile power internal electricity storage unit as LifePo4 batteries used for solar power portable generator, normal life has an absolute advantage.

Not Contain Any Heavy Metals And Rare Metals

LifePo4 cathode material does not contain precious metals and rare metals, it is more environmentally friendly,so this is why it's best storage battery for solar power portable generator can effectively reduce environmental pollution. In addition, a wide range of source material also allowed to lower material costs, the price better advantage.

Support Fast Charging

On the charging speed, LifePo4 batteries also has a greater advantage, support fast charge feature allowed can support at least 2C charge rate (C charging parameters, such as the capacity of 1000mAh batteries, 2C current is 1000mA × 2 = 2000mA). Can significantly shorten the charging time, the majority of currently available mobile power using standard 5V charging voltage, the charging current is typically 0.2C.

Wide Operating Temperature Range
Lead-acid Batteries
Compared to other lithium batteries,LifePo4 has a greater operating temperature range, can work in -20℃ to + 75℃, the number of LifePo4 has high temperature characteristics can also be 350℃ to 500℃ within the range of normal operation, compared to lithium manganese oxide and lithium cobalt oxide limit of 200℃ has more advantages.This is the as storage batteries for solar power generator nend.

Compared to lithium cobalt and manganese lithium batteries,LifePo4 most obvious advantage is the extremely high safety factor, support fast charge (high-current charge) and a wider operating temperature range. It allows consumers no longer have to worry about the safety of lithium batteries, but also capable of being used in a more hostile environment. However, compared to the current widespread use of lithium cobalt and manganese , LifePo4 energy storage battery is a better choice for portable solar power generator.
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