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Top 4 Advantage Of Fuel Cells

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:38:58
(1) High Energy Conversion Efficiency, Fuel Oil don't Require Is the Best Satorage Batteries For Solar Powered Portable Generator

① except gasoline reformer to produce hydrogen, the other (methanol, hydrocarbons, etc.) do not have the basic fuel petroleum fuel. By the engine to the wheels via the drive system the overall efficiency of the internal combustion engine car is about 11%, FCEV actual efficiency of hydrogen as a fuel of 50%-70% methanol as fuel, hydrogen produced through reforming FCEV, the actual efficiency of 34% the actual efficiency FCEV is much higher than internal combustion engine vehicles.

② the internal combustion engine at rated power only near maximum efficiency at partial power output while operating conditions, efficiency is rapidly lowered. Fuel cell efficiency at rated power can reach 60%, while operating at partial power output condition, efficiency can reach 70%, under overload conditions the operation efficiency of the power output can reach 50% to 55%. Range with high efficiency power change very wide at low power and high efficiency, especially suitable for automotive power performance requirements.

③ internal combustion engine overload is low, easy to overload operation, "stall." The fuel cell a short time overload capacity, up to 200% of rated power. Very characteristic for the car when accelerating and climbing dynamic performance.
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Taking these points, the fuel cell energy, far more than the internal combustion engine, but also the stability and reliability is higher than the internal combustion engine.

(2) Achieve Zero Pollution Emissions

The internal combustion engine exhaust emissions of harmful gases, environmental pollution is fatally flawed internal combustion engine vehicles, despite a variety of inside and outside the aircraft technical measures can only achieve "low-pollution" level, since the internal combustion engine a large number of vehicles, even if the "pollution" but also to the global environment a tremendous impact. With hydrogen as a fuel of the fuel cell engines are generating substance is water and CO2, are "zero pollution." The use of hydrocarbon fuels as a fuel cell engine generating substance is mainly water and CO2, CO, etc. are "ultra-low-pollution."  Portable solar power generator out of the Earth environmental protection requirements and to seek new sources of energy, fuel cell engine is the ideal power unit, and is likely to gradually replace oil as a primary energy vehicles.

(3) Internal Combustion Engine Cars Approaching Vehicle Performance

Ratio of the engine power of about 300W/kg, the specific power of the fuel cell main body at present is 700W/kg, a power density of 1000W/L. If the fuel cell comprises a reformer, and a cleaner including the attachment, the power ratio is 300-350W/kg, a power density of 280W/L. In terms of energy close to the fuel cell and internal combustion engine, so the dynamic performance can reach the level of the internal combustion engine vehicles.

(4) The Structure and Running Smoothly

① transfer of energy fuel cell engine is completed in the static state, the structure of simple structure, the machining accuracy is much lower than the internal combustion engine. Especially high proton exchange membrane fuel cell energy conversion efficiency can be started and operated at low temperatures, the heat resistance requirements for structural parts is not high. The majority of the plate-like structure and fittings, no moving parts and a variety of friction deputy, to facilitate fault is not due to wear and tear caused by parts, repair and maintenance.
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② fuel cell engine by a plurality of fuel cells in series can be configured with a variety of different specifications of the fuel cell engine blocks, can be assembled in different uses and different types of vehicles. The vehicle can be assigned based on axle load of the vehicle, the use of the available space in the vehicle and other specific circumstances, flexible, mobile perform general arrangement.

lifepo4 battery engine during operation, noise, vibration, heat dissipation system is much simpler than the internal combustion engine, the thermal management system is much easier. Output was no need for purification and processing silencer, the entire fuel cell system is easily automated systems management.
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