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Thermonuclear Reactions Inside Stars

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-21 10:58:09
Theoretical and observational astrophysics astronomical calculations, found that the vast majority of stellar energy from thermonuclear reactions. Stars from interstellar gas formation, followed by gravitational contraction will occur, so that a sharp increase in the central part of the temperature, so have been incidents its temperature, density and body composition 1 corresponds to the various thermonuclear reactions due to the composition of most of the stars anger hereby hydrogen, m so the whole process of the evolution of stars, hydrogen and its initial reaction product - a deuterium, helium the reaction between the cable and other elements is very important.I think the portable solar power generator is a trend in the future.

To achieve the above light fusion reaction requires certain conditions in the earth's atmosphere is full of fusion reaction can be carried out in light elements, but due to the failure to meet the conditions of a fusion reaction occurs, and there is no release of nuclear energy to - because each light nuclei are positively charged, so they want to happen fusion reaction, we must overcome the Coulomb repulsion makes them sufficiently close and attracted by the strong nuclear force plays a leading role in the laboratory on earth, you can manually the way to charged particles or light nuclei accelerated to high energy, then let them bombard other light nuclei, in order to achieve fusion reaction in a very short period of time - but in the interior of the sun, completely rely on proton or deuteron the probability of their great kinetic energy to overcome the Coulomb repulsion, which requires a temperature of at least the central portion of the sun reach of 107K.

Clearly temperature of the central portion, the greater the kinetic energy of light nuclei, to produce a fusion reaction to produce the larger fusion t the number of nuclear reactions light the more since the fusion reaction, on the one hand continue to release nuclear energy to sustain a nuclear "burning"; on the other hand they continue to the surrounding energy dissipated by radiation or convection, etc. Therefore, only when. fusion and nuclear energy should be released to the surroundings than the energy loss when burning "to continue, otherwise it will turn off.

As mentioned earlier, the sun originated in a cloud of gas clouds, shrinking under its own gravity, and in the process of contraction, the gravitational potential energy of gas particles obtained by bumping into each other and into the kinetic energy of the particles, so that the gas when the temperature of the gas cloud temperature of the central region to meet the conditions required for fusion of light inches to ignite nuclear fusion reactions in the central region, which inches radiation pressure gas clouds and the central region may gravitational equilibrium, thereby maintaining a relatively stable stage of development.

If the sun original gas cloud contains a certain amount of oxygen isotopes deuterium 2D, the deuterium fusion reaction will be the first start, because it requires lower temperatures, when Genki after running out of fuel, other light nuclear fusion is also hard to occur , so the gas cloud will be due to the gravitational ashamed to use and further contraction, the temperature of the central region continue to rise until the P-P cycle begins, or, also accompanied CNO cycle • when the hydrogen eventually fired after loyal, The sun then further contraction, the temperature continues to rise Gao, thereby starting the fusion process nitrogen.
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The sun brightness, radius and surface temperature versus time curve gives the temperature and density 7V central region of the sun changes with time curve - can be seen from the sun initial gas cloud is much larger than the diameter of the current, so brightness is much higher than the current due to the gravitational contraction of the reason, the radius of the sun is reduced, the brightness is reduced, about 2 million years, the temperature of the central region of the sun reached 8X05K, can already make deuterium fusion ignition.

We will use a solar power portable generator to power more devices, if the sun gas cloud deuterium content of the Earth's atmosphere at present quite content (B about hydrogen isotopes 0.02H), the deuterium fusion sustainable 105 years or so. then, the sun due to the gravitational effect of further contraction over from adolescence to young adulthood Australia, this elbow, increasing the temperature of the central region, while the surface temperature changes are not too large, the temperature difference between the center and the surface of the growing, about 1.4X 10s years later, the energy generated by the solar interior the loss by the principal to the surrounding radiation and convection, radiation and gradually form a nucleus.

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