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The world's Thinnest and Lightest Solar Power Charger

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:34:54
SolarPaper size of about 9cm×17cm, than "iPhone6sPlus" big circle. The thickness of the thinnest portion was about 2mm, using a portable solar power generator design. Because charging via USB, it can be as smart phones as the representative of a variety of portable terminal charge. Allegedly sunny day for about two and a half hours for smart phones fully charged. Using solar panels output power of 2.5W hang, with the number may be increased to a maximum of six, output power up to 15W. Magnet can be easily appended panels.

Equipped with a digital meter, the amount of current that can be real-time charging. Even if the process of charging the sun is blocked interrupt, the solar powered portable generator can automatically start charging again. And general solar charger alleged need to manually re-charging. Japanese use crowdfunding service first sales period ended November 16 ended funding target for the period amounted to 1 million yen. Advance sale price of about 20 to 24% cheaper than the average price.
solar power portable generator
Let's get rid of the solar charger for power outlet depend, very suitable for use outdoors. But this kind of shape generally larger charger, carrying very inconvenient. However, in the recent crowdfunding platform Kickstarter debut a portable solar charger to solve the problem, because it claims to be the world's thinnest solar charger.

Solar Paper in the United States Kickstarter website has raised more than 100 million yen of the funds, attracted worldwide attention. The Solar Paper for the first time to enter the Japanese market the this use  lifepo4 batteries for storage energy, compared with a Kiskstarter website product performance charger has been further improved. Solar Paper expected November launch.

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