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The World's Smallest And Unlimited Charging Solar Power Portable Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:29:53
Now Whenever you go the first major smart phones, and the second most important will be a portable solar power generator bank. While conventional charging treasure can use more convenient, but the frustration or lack of volume or amazing power supply, can't be reconciled. And now this new launch charging treasure, then both the small and unlimited charging two major advantages this the solar power portale generator. Compared with the traditional and mobile power charging treasure, it can be called almost invisible.

Mobile power bank, only the volume of 17mm3, and small enough to hang on a key chain. I believe this volume, whether the work of a madman everyday carry with portable solar power generator, or travel of people carry the charge, will not be a burden. It can be said, whether it is in a purse, pocket or even in the makeup bag, Nipper are able to find shelter. Called the world's smallest charger absolutely excessive. You might think: such a small volume, save all those power gone yet. In fact, this is just the charger, do not charge in advance and require AA batteries for power. That is, when you find that you need to charge the mobile device, buy two AA batteries just fine.
Portable Solar Power Generator System
Structural design and also traditional mobile power somewhat different. Two electrodes embedded chip and wire belt composition, and the electrode sheet using half of the design, so that the entire area of the electrode sheet only one AA battery is a cross-sectional size. When the mobile power with two AA batteries to form a closed loop, solar powered portable generator has the dual effect of stationary batteries like lifepo4 batteries and transformers, battery voltage 5V can be converted into a voltage suitable for ordinary mobile phones. While these principles seem somewhat complex, but the use is very simple, the operation is called "fool." When used, usually only need to move the power of the magnet pieces together to open the connection to the AA battery positive and negative. While the other end of the charger plug and intelligent devices can be connected. In other words, when you need to recharge, solar power generator will be turned into a temporary mobile power supply, provide an endless supply of power to the smart device.

Around more and more digital products, no electricity is always very awkward, so many friends have become mobile power necessary to go out. However, many mobile market power not only inconvenient to carry, and a strong sense of science and technology shape mostly, just as smart square dial watch how much will seem somewhat dissonant as pocket mobile power, shaped like a purse shape, perhaps solar power generator allows mobile charging more than a trace of elegance and calm it! But unfortunately the built-in lithium mobile power capacity is not large, the official claimed that the phone can be supplemented by 30% -50% of the electricity, enough general emergency, not to mention solar powered portable generator can be for a variety of Bluetooth headsets with the motion of the camera is charged.

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