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The Value Of Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-19 09:37:45
This year we have a lot of different knowledge and research on portable solar power generator system. Solar thermal power generation is currently in the early stages of development, there are different perceptions and views are inevitable. State Grid Energy Research Institute is now also positioning of solar power generation in the grid is the outset it is positioned as a peaking power, or is beginning to focus on as a power supply? Solar thermal power industry in early stages of development, the cost is still relatively high, if the rush to solar thermal power plant is positioned as peaking power, they have equipped with 7 hours or even 10 hours of thermal storage system may further increase the cost of solar thermal power generation, and higher costs for solar thermal power industrial applications may have some adverse effects. So early in the development of solar thermal power generation or to focus on reducing costs, promote industrialization. It's peaking too far in pursuing to meet the needs of the grid, improve heat storage configuration may affect markets and commercialization of the initial application. Therefore, the proposed solar thermal power to take a different phasing in locating the grid in the early stages as a grid-friendly power generation technology, focusing on the application, the falling cost of technology; to a certain scale in the future, as technology improved, the cost of electricity declined and reform of the electricity market, then you can choose when generating electricity at times of high electricity tariff, can fully reflect the value of energy.

solar power generator

Because intermittent renewable energy issues, the relationship between the grid has not been very friendly. Energy storage has been the focus of research and development of renewable energy. Solar thermal power generation because of the heat storage system, stable solar power generation can be sustained, so the relationship between the grid and became very friendly. Currently molten salt heat storage, represented by energy storage technologies, from the size, cost, life expectancy have reached certain requirements. The first question the relationship between heat storage and grid lock is solar thermal power plants and power grids relationship: solar thermal power with thermal power compared to thermal power better than the performance, one can already achieve continuous operation stability and also fired effects; additional terms from the regulator, the adjustment range is better than coal technology. From the start in terms of coal-fired electric field cold start will take at least 60 minutes, but the solar thermal power stations with storage lifepo4 batteries fastest hot start takes only 20 minutes. Solar power generation than coal-fired power generation has better operational stability and performance adjustment technology. Therefore, solar thermal power plants can be used as a basic grid power plants to be used as peaking power plants and grid particularly friendly relations. Its scale energy storage power station capable of 24 hours to ensure uninterrupted and stable operation. Thermal storage duration and scale by the time of it's generation and electricity grid to set.
Increase the proportion of renewable energy, solar thermal power peaking can be done to curb photovoltaic, wind power fluctuations; the other is to reduce the price. Peaking actually said peaking velocity, thermal power slowly, peaking current rate of solar thermal power system is relatively technical conditions without electricity and water, gas and power generation peaking speed. But it is studied in supercritical carbon dioxide solar power generator system supercritical single-phase, no phase transition, so peaking very fast; and the economy is good, high efficiency, quick peaking in the future is very promising, hoping to get Develop.
Portable Solar Power Generator System
Power generating side is connected to the network, which is a characteristic and power consumption to the instantaneous equilibrium, thus requiring the supply side and consumer users are balanced. From this requirement, the solar thermal power generation with the traditional thermal power is the same, with the ability to adjust the load; second characteristic is the quality of electricity required: grid voltage and frequency have demand, Turbine either tone peak, but also can adjust the frequency, therefore, solar thermal power on the grid is a friendly power. From this perspective, solar thermal power as traditional thermal power, is on the grid is friendly, in addition, there are heat storage of solar thermal power links, it also provides a means of regulation.

How should the future of solar thermal power grid for further fit, deputy director Gao Hu spoke, solar thermal power generation in the degree of industrialization of the backward development of wind power for almost 15 years, almost 10 years behind PV. Policymakers hope is that this industry is able to train as soon as possible. Solar thermal power conversion from the optical to the heat, to energy storage, thermal power, across many disciplines, system integration is very important, is the need to constantly explore, in an exemplary basis, in order to overcome the integration technology. While solar powered portable generator is still facing many challenges, but from the history of our country's development of wind power and photovoltaic, our country has a good manufacturing base, with good industry development mode. He said that for the future development of large-scale solar thermal power can still be optimistic and hope that the cost can be lowered as soon as the industrial scale can be expanded as soon as possible.
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