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The Reasons for Decline Solar Energy Storage Battery Life

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-13 10:38:02
First, the solar power portable generator station frequent power outages, long power outages without the law, so that the battery charge and discharge frequently, according to the current lifepo4 batteries manufacturer of communication base scrap batteries anatomical point of view, the cause of the termination of battery life is the battery negative plates sulfate Salt, which is the capacity of the battery early failure (PCL) is a typical phenomenon.

Causes negative battery plate sulfation generated as follows: too high frequency power plant outage, power outages several times a day, or even several days of continuous power, so that the battery for portable solar power generator for electric discharge has not been sufficient under the circumstances and discharge, the battery appears charge less phenomenon . As happened repeatedly charge less, will result in a cumulative loss of battery capacity, the lifepo4 batteries capacity of the plant will fall in a relatively short period of time, its life will quickly terminated. In general, the battery capacity and the rate of decline in the number of solar power batteries continuously charge less for a certain proportional relationship.
solar power portable generator
Resulting in decreased lifepo4 batteries capacity of the underlying reasons is that the battery is discharged in the case is not fully charged and discharged, positive and negative in the latter lead sulfate discharge generated were not fully restored to the lead dioxide and metallic lead, the positive, the negative electrode plate and discharge, the battery charge less to produce, repeatedly charge less, so that the negative plate sulfation gradual, irreversible lead sulfate crystals, especially in the case where the depth of the battery over-discharge of the battery negative plates sulfate of the more serious, sulfation, be faster, resulting in a negative electrode plate surface is shielded, its function gradually decreases until failure, resulting in decreased battery life until terminated.

Second, switching power supply parameters set unreasonable, solar power portable generator storage lifepo4 batteries voltage undervoltage protection set too low, the reset voltage is set too low, so that the battery discharge occurred even over the depth of discharge phenomena, on the other hand aggravated battery negative plate sulfation.

Currently solar power portable generator plants are set to a combination of the switching power supply low voltage isolation protection or under the second electrical function. When the battery voltage discharge to a certain set value, the system will automatically switch off the power supply on the part of all heavy-duty power supply or the load, in order to protect the battery, but the degree of discharge, ensure that the lifepo4 batteries life.
storage lifepo4 battery pack
As the minimum value of the lifepo4 batteries voltage protection set too low, the battery will discharge occurred after multiple over-discharge and over-discharge failed to add power or insufficient charging will seriously affect the battery life; additional switching power supply reset voltage is set too low, the battery will discharge occurs repeatedly in the discharge process; specific minimum battery voltage protection setting value should be set according to the size of the load current, and the current value of the minimum undervoltage protection solar power batteries are generally provided in each cell voltage about 1.8V, and some even set each 1.75V. According VRLA battery discharge performance of solar power plants combining actual load current (current solar power plant is less than most of the actual load current 0.1C10A), the minimum value of solar power battery undervoltage protection should be set up in each cell voltage 1.8V the above.

Therefore, the current solar power generator lifepo4 batteries undervoltage protection set the reference voltage is too low, such as solar power plants an extended power outage, the battery will discharge occurred, or even a small current depth of discharge, and over-discharge of the battery to be fully charged, the recovery capacity required charging time is longer, the depth of the over-discharge of the battery in the constant voltage charging portable solar power generator station only existing conditions are generally difficult to fully recover its rated capacity. Therefore, the switching power supply parameter setting unreasonable, on the other hand aggravated battery negative plate sulfation, resulting in decreased battery capacity and shorten life.

Third, the use of solar power plant environment has become more severe. Solar thermal power station-room temperature is high, which reduces lifepo4 batteries life.

Fourth, the solar power plant after an extended power outage, the lifepo4 batteries discharge to the termination voltage, not timely supplement electricity, will also lead to decreased battery capacity and shorten life.

As part of the solar power portable generator is located in the suburbs or remote villages and other places, there may be snow covered the solar panels, or prolonged continuous rainy days, the battery discharge to the termination voltage, solar power has not been restored, so that one may cause battery discharge, other on the one hand and then discharge the battery can not be obtained in time to add power, according to the relevant data show that, if not timely supplement electric battery is discharged, the battery capacity will gradually decline, after several cycles, the battery life will be significantly shortened.
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In addition some of the switching power supply output float voltage 1V portable solar power generator smaller than the set value and display value, resulting in long-term battery charge less state. Although communication station batteries of such problems, but we are major telecommunications operators and maintenance personnel to maintain the system with no guarantee that the battery in time to find problems in a timely manner of its maintenance and timely replacement of the lifepo4 batteries down behind avoid generating station off the accident.

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