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The Overall Nature Of Solar Power Generation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-21 09:33:47
Development of solar power generation hundreds of millions of stars in the Milky Way, the sun is millions and millions of stars in a big family and it's a lot of old age does not, it's sort of a small mass, its surface temperature is not high not low, in short, it is in the galaxy, just a temporal plain ordinary star but it is this God makes the sun have a considerable representation in the whole star family - according to NASA June 18, 1992 of the latest report, scientists have discovered conclusive evidence that, at least in the Milky Way there seven stars like the sun, and the planets around them may have some run. This further indicates that, through in-depth study of the sun, it is possible to reveal a world star, galaxy and even some of the mysteries of the universe.

From people living on the earth around the sun of the running, the more is caring for the understanding and knowledge of the sun because of human formation and development are associated with the sun off to ? The relative movement of the Sun-Earth system evolved into celestial mechanics, N. Copernicus (Gopemlcus) heliocentric theory broke through the two thousand years of religious restraint, reveal the law of celestial bodies, it laid the foundation for the development of Newtonian mechanics. with the continuous development of science and technology, the emergence of large astronomical instruments and a new means of observation, and gradually form a new portable solar power generator over the past century, the development of atomic physics and quantum mechanics contributed to the study of solar and stellar spectroscopy; plasma physics He contributed to the development of solar and cosmic radio astronomy; space exploration in recent years, but also created a new era of space astronomy; and the development of particle physics but also breeds a new discipline - in short, the birth of neutrino astronomy, new. methods of observation and knot Gao, expanding observation band to provide more and more people realize the sun Zhongxiao and precise information.

Japanese ball is from the sun's outer atmosphere has been extended to the entire space region of interstellar space interface. Heliospheric physics not only for S-land relationship is extremely important, but also to further explore the sun and other stars is just very wanted. With and the recent deep space probe satellites and ground-based observations of many accumulated data, large-scale structure of the heliospheric, three-dimensional shape position, the electromagnetic field distribution, dissemination sun become a subject of concern. explore the structure and dynamics of the Earth which will is an important part of the future for a period of space physics. people sometimes have quite confident for the structure and properties of the sun has recognized very clearly, Qu, the new observations continue to visit even for many classical concepts and theory challenges can be expected, this challenge will continue to increase. solar power generator has always been a classic area of research today is full of fresh vitality, space physics to become a prominent new army.
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People often use physical value related to the degree of the sun and other stars described, for example, is often said that other stars of mass s is equal to the number of solar mass, radius is equal to the number of stars in other solar radii,its equal to the degree of other stars how many times the brightness of the sun, and so on. However, since the distance between the Earth and other stars of the child is at least 100,000 times the distance, so far, only the sun is the only star can be observed carefully, so as to reveal the people the mysteries of the stars of the world provides a unique model can be said that it is for the understanding of the universe and the solar power generation system from the sun observation and understanding began.

It is because of other stars much closer than the sun from Earth, so the energy of solar radiation, particle flow and magnetic field extending from the emission of not only dominate the whole solar power portable generator interplanetary environment, but also to seize control of the people rely on raw earth empty what example , changes in solar activity and the direct impact on the Earth's weather and climate; shuttle thermal reaction process the sun's core would inspire people to explore and exploit fusion energy; flares on the sun can help people to understand the enormous horseshoe crab and storage the conversion process; the sun and the excitation mechanism of acoustic wave propagation also been used to study the sonic boom and noise.

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