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The New Regulations Affect Storage LifePo4 Batteries For Portable Solar Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:55:23

China is the world's largest  lifepo4 batteries manufacturer and exporter of various types of cells and batteries in Zhejiang area only amount exported in the first half of this year more than 580 million US dollars. With the global environmental protection and rising consumer safety requirements, since 2016, all countries have introduced a series of new regulations for batteries and related products, technology and security, export industry impact on our urgent attention.

Environmental and Safety Supervision Continued to Upgrade

Nickel cadmium, nickel metal lifePo4 batteries and other traditional technology is mature, widely used, but generally contain such batteries on the environment and health hazards of lead, cadmium, mercury and other heavy metals, it has always been tightly controlled countries, especially with lithium battery technology matures the traditional lifePo4 batteries escalating environmental regulation. The new regulations such as the EU Battery Directive from December 31, 2016, in the EU market of batteries for portable solar power generator and cordless power tools used in batteries and cadmium content must not exceed 0.002%. Japan will begin to strengthen in January 2018 for control of mercury-containing products, in addition to the mercury content of less than 1% of the zinc silver oxide button batteries and mercury content of less than 2% of the zinc-air button batteries, mercury-containing batteries other products will be limited production and imports, nor as an accessory for other products.
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For recent years, the sudden emergence of the lifePo4 batteries industry, due to the special risks of its own explosive, countries are becoming increasingly stringent safety regulation.The ICAO also released in February injunction requiring a total ban on passenger shipping lithium-ion batteries since April 2016, until 2018, the establishment of new packaging standard lithium battery fire. Currently, the US, South Korea, has been the implementation of the new air transport regulations, expected that other countries will have been implemented.

Exports of Electrical and Electronic Industry is Under Attack

February 2016, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission sudden notice, due to the lithium battery fire accidents, require all cars sold in the US balance shall comply with UL certification, and its lithium batteries subject to UN38.3 certification, or they will be detained or recall suitable for all prodcuts include soalr powered portable generator . Since the new regulation don't have a transitional period, more than 200 enterprises in Zhejiang Province suffered the impact of export disruption.

The full implementation of the new EU Battery Directive, affect the export of electric tools industry billions of dollars in Zhejiang province also continued. In addition, regulators in emerging markets also improved, as in October 2016, Vietnam will enforce standard for lifePo4 batteries technology, when in addition to a separate outlet lithium battery, all mobile phones, tablet and other communications products to meet the whole certification, while its built-in lithium battery to be tested in local institutions and give the best safety for portable solar power generator.

Lifting Costs Increased Trade Risks

Our annual production of lithium after Japan and South Korea. In the first half of this year, exports of Zhejiang lithium battery has reached $ 95 million, an increase of 88%. According to industry estimates, after the implementation of new regulations transport safety, lithium batteries and related electronic equipment manufacturers shipping costs will increase by 20%. The cost of the lifePo4 batteries authentication even more tens of thousands to several hundred thousand dollars, such as lithium batteries UL2054 certification costs up to 8 million, and the lifePo4 batteries need additional certification.

Technical trade measures triggered by tighter trade risk will also increase, according to statistics, the first five months of 2016 exports of the battery due to quality problems were returned to Over 100 overseas, surged nearly forty percent. Europe and other countries are also frequently involved in lifePo4 batteries products to implement informed of the recall solar powered portable generator, involving notebook computers, car balance, charging treasure and other commodities. As the beginning of 2016, Britain battery fire hazards by car confiscated 15,000 balance, the United States, Canada, in July this year to total more than 700,000 units in the domestic balance of the car recall.


Exit inspection and quarantine departments to remind the business: First, attention overseas latest lifePo4 batteries safety and environmental protection and other technical trade measures dynamic, strengthen exchanges and professional organizations and authorities of the information, the market opportunity; Second, strict testing and certification accordingly. In addition to the battery business to strengthen certification, electric tools, and other battery-balanced car accessories business checks must also be strengthened to avoid battery accessories don't meet the quality and safety requirements lead to disputes of portable solar power generator. Third, accelerate technological upgrading. Green is a global trend, the battery enterprises should increase research and development efforts to develop environmentally safer new battery, electrical appliances enterprises should gradually replace the use of traditional lithium batteries, and to take effective security reduce the risk of fires caused by lithium batteries.
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