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The Necessity of Developing Superconducting Solar Energy Storage System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-14 15:48:18
Due to the weak power access, the flexibility and efficiency of the solar energy storage system are greatly limited in the operation and management process. At the same time, the electrical energy in the process of "transmission, transmission, supply and use" (Flicker), transient imbalances can also lead to catastrophic power accidents, and cause the disconnection of the power system and / or the electrical power system. In this case, Large-scale blackout accident. To ensure the safe, economical and reliable operation of the power grid, it is necessary to establish a powerful electric energy access unit (energy storage system) on the critical link point of the power system to support the system. Based on the above factors, energy access technology more and more countries of the energy sector and the power sector attention.
solar Energy Storage system
Soalr energy storage system because of its storage of electromagnetic energy, which ensures that the superconducting energy storage system can be very quickly in the form of high-power and power grid for energy exchange. In addition, the superconducting energy storage system of the power scale and energy storage scale can be done very large, and has a high system efficiency, technology is relatively simple, there is no rotating mechanical parts, no dynamic sealing problems. For other energy storage technologies, no matter how they develop, it is impossible to eliminate the process of energy conversion, so now or in the future, energy storage battery technology will always remain in the power density and response speed of these two aspects of absolute superiority. Therefore, as a technology of energy access, superconducting energy storage technology is of high value in the transmission distribution system of transient quality management, improve transient power quality and power grid transient stability and emergency power accident response And it will provide a technical basis for building a new electric power market mechanism and has broad application prospects.

As a result of the development of electric power technology, the probability of long-term power interruption accident is very small, and the transient power failure such as flicker, voltage swell / dips and transient power outage is becoming more and more prominent. Transient power failures are very damaging to many business users and manufacturing companies that rely on intelligent devices. From a technical point of view, the effective means of governing the transient power quality problem is to use the fast response active power compensation technique. Because of the unique advantages of rapid power compensation, the superconducting energy storage system can make up the weakness of the lack of power access in the conventional power system, and it can improve all the fault problems of transient power quality.
solar power generator

Concentrated power distribution network is generally radial. Under steady-state operation, the voltage decreases gradually along the feeder flow direction. After the access to the photovoltaic power supply, due to the transmission power on the feeder to reduce, so that the load along the feeder node voltage is raised, may cause some of the load node voltage offset exceeded its voltage was raised with the number of access to photovoltaic power Location and the size of the total capacity is closely related. Under normal circumstances, can be set in the low-voltage distribution network in the on-load tap changer and voltage regulator and other voltage regulating devices, the load node voltage deviation control within the specified range. For the voltage adjustment of the distribution network, it is very important to set the operation mode of the PV power reasonably. In the afternoon sunny, the photovoltaic power output is usually larger, if the line light load, photovoltaic power will significantly raise the access point voltage. If the access point is at the end of the feeder line, the access point voltage is likely to exceed the upper limit, then must be a reasonable set of solar power generator mode, such as the provisions of photovoltaic power supply must be involved in voltage regulation, the absorption of excess reactive power . In the heavy load at night time, photovoltaic power supply is usually no output, but still can provide reactive power, improve the line voltage quality.

The effect of photovoltaic power on voltage is also reflected in possible voltage fluctuations and flicker. Since the output of the photovoltaic power supply varies with the incident solar irradiance, voltage fluctuations and flicker of the local distribution lines may be caused. If the power supply is added to the load, the voltage fluctuation and flicker will be greater. Although the actual operation of the photovoltaic power supply did not cause significant voltage fluctuations and flicker, but when a large number of grid-connected photovoltaic power access, the access location and capacity of a reasonable planning is still very important.

Usually considered in the distribution network side of the short circuit, access to the distribution network in the photovoltaic power supply contribution to the short-circuit current is small, steady-state short-circuit current is generally only higher than the rated output current of photovoltaic power 10% to 20%, short-circuit instantaneous Current peak with the photovoltaic power inverter's own energy storage components and output control performance. In the distribution network, short-circuit protection is generally used over-current protection plus fuse protection. For high-permeability PV power supply, short-circuit fault occurs on the feeder line, and the short-circuit fault can not be detected because the PV power supply provides most of the short-circuit current. Test shows that the short circuit current rise does not exceed 2 times before the fault, 1-2 cycles to isolate the fault. In addition, Japan also on a 200kWp photovoltaic power system short-circuit test, the study found: short-circuit current through the transformer, the current becomes smaller, the transformer over-current protection does not move.

energy storage batteries

In 2003, NERL in the United States conducted a study on the interaction between distributed generation and distribution networks. The distributed power supply based on the inverter is adopted. The simulation prototype is based on the 13.2kV medium voltage distribution network with energy storage batteries. The distributed power supply capacity is 5MW, and the research focus is on the fuse protection characteristic. The results show that when the single-phase and three-phase faults occur, the distributed power supply with inverters contributes little to the short-circuit current, and the short-circuit current mainly comes from the main network, even more than the 5MW induction motor. Small and more. Therefore, it can be concluded that the control of the current injected into the photovoltaic power inverter does not contribute to the short circuit current conclusion.

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