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The Hardware Design Of PV Soalr Power Systems

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-14 09:42:20
PV system design, in addition to the lifePo4 batteries capacity and the size of the solar cell module design, we should also consider how to choose the appropriate system equipment, namely, how to choose desirable system needs solar modules, batteries, inverters (AC load with the system) , controller, cable, the box, the bracket assembly, diesel/gasoline engine (PV oil machine hybrid systems), wind generator (hybrid systems) for large-scale solar photovoltaic power stations, transmission and distribution projects also include components such as transformers , infrastructure arrester, load switch, air circuit breakers, AC fish flow distribution cabinets, as well as the system, the control room of the building and the construction of transmission and distribution and other issues.

Select the above apparatus needs to consider the actual situation of the system location, size of the system, customer requirements and other factors. Solar components, modules bracket, batteries, inverters, controllers are described in detail in other sections of this book, not in this introduction.

Cable Selection
portable solar power generator
System cable selection mainly consider the following factors:

① cable insulation;
② heat flame retardant cable;
③ cable moisture, light;
④ cable laying;
⑤ cable core type (copper, aluminum);
⑥ Cable size specifications.
The connection between the different components of the solar power portable generator system, because of the different environments and requirements, select the cable is also not the same. The following are listed different technical requirements of connecting portions.
① connected component number between components must be tested by UL, heat 90X :, anti-acid, anti-chemicals, moisture, exposure.
② connection between the square and the square inside the open air or in the ground, requiring moisture, sun exposure. Recommended to wear pipe installation, the catheter must be heat 90℃.
③ wiring between battery and inverter can be used by UL tested multi-strand cord, or by welding cable UL tests.
④ interior wiring (dry environment) can use a shorter DC connection.

Cable size standard design, the following principles must be followed.
Portable Solar Power Generator System
lifePo4 battery pack to short-range indoor unit DC connection, select the cable rated current 1.25 times the continuous current of the cable calculated.
② AC load connection, select the cable rated current of the cable calculated continuous current of 1.25 times the maximum.
③ inverter connection, select the cable rated current of the cable calculated continuous current of 1.25 times the maximum.
④ connection between the square and square inside, select the cable rated current 1.56 times income calculation cable largest continuous current.
⑤ consider the effect of temperature on the performance of cable.
⑥ Consider the voltage drop should not exceed 2%.
⑦ foot diameter select the appropriate cable based on two factors, the current strength of the circuit voltage loss. Complete calculation formula
Loss = Current X bus circuit voltage cable length X Factor formula, the cable obtained by the voltage factor cho cable manufacturer.

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