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The Future Solar Powered Portable Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-14 11:22:44
For outdoor travel, outdoor adventure friends, portable solar power generator should be essential equipment, because it can give mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, PSP, GPS, mp4, camping LED lights and so provide a reliable green power protection, but the current portable solar power products in China is still in the initial stage of development, the quality of the product on the market is uneven. How do we choose a portable solar power in the end?

Portable solar power generator from the composition is divided into three parts: First, solar panels; Second, special storage battery; Third, the standard part of the annex. In general, the impact of solar powered portable generator quality is good or bad and the main performance is solar panels and special storage batteries.
portable solar_power generator with interchangeable battery for camping road trips
Advanced silicon, polycrystalline silicon mainstream

Solar panels Currently on the market solar panels are monocrystalline, polysilicon, amorphous silicon three, from the use point of view: monocrystalline silicon solar power batteries production process has been finalized, is the production of solar power more use of a semiconductor battery , Is characterized by good stability, high photoelectric conversion rate, according to the current level of solar energy technology, monocrystalline silicon solar power batteries photoelectric conversion rate can reach 15% -18%, China's Shenzhou VII and Chang-e No. 1 used Monocrystalline silicon solar battery photoelectric conversion rate of 40%, of course, this is still only in the field of high-tip aerospace applications, civilian batch market has yet to be; polysilicon solar panels compare single crystal solar cell has the advantage of low cost, better than monocrystalline silicon, in the sun and incandescent light can be sensitive, but the shortage is obvious, the photoelectric conversion rate of only 11% -13%; amorphous silicon solar cell problems is the photoelectric conversion efficiency is low, the international advanced level Is about 10%, the current domestic only 6% -8%, and not stable, often the phenomenon of conversion efficiency decline, it has not been widely used for large-scale solar energy, and most used for low light power, such as pocket-sized electronic calculators, electronic watches and so on. Estimated efficiency degradation problem overcome, the amorphous silicon solar cells will promote the development of solar energy utilization, but has yet to meet the requirements.

Lifepo4 battery can be expected

Now on the market of portable solar power will have a dedicated storage battery to prepare in the cloudy and at night charging, from the material speaking, it has a lithium battery and lifepo4 battery distinction. Lifepo4 battery is characterized by no memory effect of charge and discharge, you can always charge, it is divided into liquid lithium-ion battery and polymer lithium battery two. Liquid lithium-ion battery, is the traditional use of mobile phones, digital cameras using lifepo4 battery pack. The polymer lithium-ion battery is still relatively expensive price, but its advantages are many aspects, it can be thin, arbitrary size and arbitrary shape, etc., will not produce leakage and combustion explosion and other security problem, so you can use aluminum-plastic composite film manufacturing battery case, which can improve the specific capacity of the entire battery. lifepo4 battery pack can also be used as a cathode polymer material, the mass ratio of energy than the current lifepo4 battery pack increased by 50% or more. In addition, the polymer lithium-ion battery in the operating voltage, charge and discharge cycle life than lithium-ion batteries have improved. With the cost reduction, polymer lithium-ion battery will replace the traditional liquid lifepo4 battery.
solar powered portable generator
Ni-MH battery is the biggest problem is the existence of memory charge and discharge, there are defects in charge and discharge efficiency, and generally speaking, the voltage of each cell than lithium-ion battery is small, so the general solar powered portable generator is no longer using solar energy how to repair the nickel-metal hydride batteries as a storage battery to use.

Qualified solar powered portable generator battery will have to charge overcharge, over-voltage and over-current protection, the battery will automatically shut down after charging is no longer charged, discharge to a certain extent will automatically cut off the power to protect the battery and electrical equipment. TAG: Ireland Hawaii Duke 100Ah 48V telecom Malta Battery-Box Passenger NTPC Containerized Off-Grid Code Building California