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The Difference Between off-grid and grid-connected Solar Power Portable Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 11:57:56
Portable solar power generator is a set of device consists of a plurality of components to coordinate the completion of the first battery pack is placed in an array of outdoors when exposed to sunlight to continuously produce a direct current electric energy through the charge controller capable of chemically stored in the battery group. When the required power, and then to convert chemical energy into electrical energy output, the controller can directly control the DC load use, if desired output voltage of 220 volts, the inverter is done. The inverter can be converted into low-voltage DC and AC high voltage output for household electric appliances. This repeated portable solar power generator is a complete power supply system. Whether for commercial or home solar power systems, working principle is similar.

Off-grid refers to not rely on the existing public grid completely independent solar powered protable generator, also known as stand-alone solar power systems or generators; and grid means is incorporated into the public grid, and coordination with the mains power supply unit for the family . So there are differences between the components, structures and principles used in construction costs.

The first is not the same purpose. Because of off-grid solar powered protable generator units operate independently, and therefore suitable for off-grid remote areas or mountain use, especially for orchards, farm outdoors, outdoor breeding, ranger station, island, fishing and outdoor camping use. And the network must be connected to the public grid, it is most suitable for home use, when there is surplus power to the grid can have repurchased.

Secondly, the key components of solar powered portable generator are not the same. Off-grid and grid contains solar panels and inverters, off grid must also contain a charge controller and battery, and the network is dispensable according to power requirements. The inverter used is not the same, there are differences between off-grid and grid-connected inverter.

Again, since the components are not the same, portable solar power generator is a large difference in cost. Off-grid must be configured with a large number of batteries, and you can select the network type or not, with our own selectivity. Under normal circumstances, the installation of the same capacity of generating units, much higher than the net cost of off-grid costs.

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