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The Best Way For 12V LifePo4 Battery Charging

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-13 10:40:21
From the advent of lifePo4 batteries to now, it has been the military and civilian areas of the most widely used chemical power. Because it uses sulfuric acid electrolyte, the transport process will be the acid effluent, people will try to electrolyte "fixed up" the battery "sealed up", then colloidal electrolyte lifePo4 batteries emerged. Today there are a variety of lifePo4 batteries, lifePo4 batteries 12V for example, tell us about 12V lifePo4 battery charging method.

For the terminal voltage of 12V lifePo4 batteries, the normal float voltage between 13.5 ~ 13.8V. Float voltage is too low, battery charging and dissatisfaction, when the float voltage exceeds 14V, that is considered to be over-voltage charge.
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lifePo4 12V battery charging operation, the initial charging current size batteries according to the general specification prescribed value or current nominal capacity to 1/10.

(1) Floating charge. Line long battery charger and load in parallel lines, as a backup power supply works. Under normal circumstances, we have adopted floating charge, single battery voltage control at 2.25V (relative to 2V battery), and regularly observe and record the float voltage. If the single battery voltage is low, indicating that the battery charge is low and should always pay attention to.

(2) Equalizing charge. The so-called equalizing charge is connected in parallel to each battery unit with a unified charging voltage for charging. If the battery pack behind the battery in the presence of the float process (cell voltage is lower than 2.20V, with respect to 2V battery), or three months after the float, are charging process should be, in control of its single battery 2.35V, charge 6 ~ 8h, while paying attention to are charging time not too long, and then transferred back to float voltage, and then observed behind the battery voltage changes, such as voltage not yet in place, are two weeks apart and then charge again. Under normal circumstances, the new 12V lifePo4 battery float after six months, after each charge, the voltage will converge.

This charging method is also suitable for solar powered portable generator batteries,but only on different is the charging time will longer than 12v lifePo4 batteries.
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