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The Applications of Solar Power System Components

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:30:56
The solar cell module is on solar panels this is important for solar powered portable generator, also known as solar photovoltaic modules, which is the number of individual solar cells in series or parallel combination according to the power and voltage requirements together, and then through a special production process encapsulated composition . Is one of the solar photovoltaic system's main components must meet certain requirements.

First, after the solar battery module from the factory to the production of good transportation and installation, to undergo a series of external force, shock, vibration, etc., especially should be able to withstand the impact of hail after installed, it must have sufficient mechanical strength . So glass solar cell module must be tempered, and after a drop test to test.
solar power generator system
Second, the solar battery module is installed after a long time to twenty years continue to produce current through the wind and sun in all weather conditions, to prevent cells from corrosion. Thus, the component must have good sealing and insulation, can windproof, waterproof, leakproof.

In addition to being used for good and bad lifepo4 slice level, the most important is the work product of direct work MAG inverter how to affect the life of the solar cell module. Therefore, in the purchase of a solar cell module, we must pay special attention to the work product. Household solar power generation system prior to installation of the solar cell module must be pre-sorting, as much as possible close to the voltage or current components combined in the same square in order to achieve the best results. For the plan to install solar photovoltaic power generation users, you have to consider: your roof suitable for installing solar power systems it because it is directly related to the actual effect of the use of solar street light manufacturers wholesale?.

Many people have heard of solar power generation system, but I think many people certainly are not very clear difference between this system and other power products between, in fact, than the solar power plant generating equipment more easy to use. Why do I say this because the operating system than conventional generators more simple, more speed and power to accelerate. We all know that the solar generator is necessary to absorb sunlight before they can operate, as there is no water flowing on hydroelectric impossible started.

solar power generator for home

In addition to the portable solar power generator process is relatively more short-answer, setting up the device is quite simple. In our view, many power plants are required to find a suitable place to normal use, but solar photovoltaic devices only need to find a plenty of sunlight per day will be able to place the remaining photovoltaic pump inverter thing PV modules Foreign companies can give love to all of this equipment.

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