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Application of Solar Cell in Calculator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-27 14:50:06
Calculator with solar cells only solar power batteries as an independent power supply, because the use of liquid display calculator power consumption is small, and only in a bright place to use, it is suitable for the use of solar cells. Now to solar cells for solar cells Power calculator, more than 90 percent is the use of amorphous silicon solar cells, which shows the amorphous silicon solar cells in the calculator with the status of solar cells.

According to the above-mentioned results, the active area of the primary cell is 1.5 cm2, so that a module consisting of four such cells connected in series is designed as shown in the following table. The effective area ratio of the integrated type amorphous silicon solar cell for general calculators is about 70%, so the total area of the module is 8.6cm2, so the size of the solar cell suitable for the size of the calculator can be determined as 1.4cm X 6.0cm, the solar battery stolen with the illumination and change solar power portable generator, so when you want to change the calculator to set low use of illumination, you must increase the area of solar cells, according to the area and the name is instigated in accordance with the law is inversely proportional to the law Should increase the amount of still product.

When the wristwatch is made thin, it is necessary to miniaturize the size of the chemical cell installed therein, which in turn reduces the capacity of the chemical cell, and as a result, it takes less time for the battery to be replaced. If the solar power battery A rechargeable chemical cell, such as a silver oxide battery, can be used to extend the lifetime of a chemical cell, as shown in Figure 8-1. Figure 8-1 shows a wristwatch using a solar cell as a power source, and Figure 8-2 shows its circuit diagram. The dark place can work, so use the secondary battery as a backup battery.In addition, with a reverse current diode to prevent the discharge from the secondary battery of solar power generation to the solar cell, with a charge control circuit to prevent overcharge.A amorphous silicon solar power batteries in the watch Application, in a substrate to be able to output a higher voltage, at the same time, the appearance should be done more beautiful.
Power 320 watt complete solar power system with inverter
Silver oxide battery as a secondary battery, charged by the amorphous silicon solar cells.First calculation of silver oxide electricity his day power consumption.The power consumption includes 25uAh for driving the watch, for lighting 14uAh, gasification silver battery Of the self-discharge 16uAh, 4uAh for the alarm, etc. To add up the above, that is, the total current consumption of about 60uAh. The output current ratio of solar power batteries is listed in the illumination, in fact, the rechargeable battery is a certain illumination when used in place, assuming that the illumination of 10 ^ 4lx use, the unit of amorphous silicon solar cells On the other hand, the charge voltage of the silver oxide battery is 1,6 V, the voltage drop of the anti-backflow diode is 0.7 V, so the string series is 2,3 v / 0.55v = 4.2, should be taken five-string.This rechargeable battery for storage power for solar power portable generator.

The size of the entire solar cell by the size of the light area 3.0X12mm2: This size of the solar cells in the 10 ^ 4 lx illumination can produce about 56uAh charge voltage, 1 05 IX illumination, the charging current of 560, about seven minutes of charging to supply the day's energy consumption.

The silver oxide battery used in the watch has a capacity of 20-30mAh, so the charge current at 10 ^ 4 IX, 10 ^ 5IX is about 0.002C, 0,02C, respectively, which is slightly less than the standard charge current of 0.001O Large, because the charging time will not be too long, so the possibility of overcharging smaller.

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