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Test Method For Reliability Of Solar Cells

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-26 18:14:45
When solar cells are used in solar power generator systems, the number of series connections is large. If a part of the incident light is blocked, the reverse bias voltage applied to the solar cell is large, and the shadow effect must be considered. To prevent the shadow effect from reversing A diode is connected in parallel to each solar cell, and a diode is generally attached to a commercially available product, and a short-circuit state and an open state are often caused when the lifePo4 batteries are used, but the short-circuit state of the solar cell is different from other batteries , The following discussion on this.

General batteries and secondary batteries and DC power supply, due to its internal resistance is low, the battery's positive and negative short-circuit, resulting in instantaneous high current, the battery will be overheated and damaged.But the solar battery than these internal resistance , Even if the long-term short-term treatment will not have any effect, it will not affect the continued use; placed in the open state, the ordinary dry batteries and DC power supply characteristics of the same will not have any effect. So the solar cells can short- Open-circuit placed under these two states, is a very easy to use power supply.
There are two kinds of solar cell reliability test, one for components used in electronic products (calculators, etc.), and the other for the outdoor power components for the current, the two gods are not uniform approach, the Manufacturers and users are in accordance with their own methods, for electricity, and now countries want to make this test standardized for electronic products, solar cells, the standard test benchmarks through these tests can determine whether the solar power battery And is subjected to a condition of use as a general electronic component.

For electrical components, the three main test methods developed by the official agency are listed in the current reliability tests, which are reviewed by the Japan Society of Electrical Engineers for a tentative reliability test and the American Jet Propulsion Laboratory Quality Test method and the reliability of the Institute of Solar Energy test method, there is no significant difference between them and now on the market sales of solar cells is so rigorous testing, is considered qualified, highly reliable. A representative reliability test method for electronic products and components for solar power generator systems is introduced.

Temperature and humidity cycle test

The test method is to strictly ensure that the water will not be soaked, the immersion of moisture on the semiconductor components is the most troublesome, 95% relative humidity in the humidity atmosphere, the temperature cycle, usually in the cycle of change 10 times The test is then typically carried out by maintaining the sample at a temperature in the range of 70 to 90℃ in a high temperature and at a temperature in the range of a low temperature of 20 to 40 ° C. Other relevant temperatures , The humidity test method has the following will be introduced to the thermal shock test and high temperature and high preservation, low temperature preservation, but the temperature and humidity cycle is the most demanding.

Thermal shock test

This test is to the sample from high to low temperature, and then over the folder, so that it undergoes a sharp titer change.Has said that the solar power batteries temperature and low temperature constant temperature between the back and forth, in a few minutes to produce larger temperature, which is to understand the different thermal expansion coefficient caused by the stress on the performance of solar power batteries.

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