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Terrestrial Solar Power Applications

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-19 14:13:43
PV pump applications

PV pumps usually do not require batteries, but by direct solar components drive the pumps work. Currently pump type power many international development, mainly divided into single floating pumps and deep well pumps. Large solar power stations are generally equipped with an inverter, the first direct current solar modules into alternating current, and then drive the pumps work with AC motor, which can be complementary to a conventional power supply. Alone photovoltaic pumping systems to pump requirements more Xie. Because the solar cell prices are Xie, design of solar power generator components can not be too much, so I hope the water chestnut low power consumption, Gao efficiency motor and pump are often integrated. In recent years, the development of the photovoltaic pump, despite the solar cell module costs than Gao, one-time investment is too large photovoltaic pumping systems (than previously been reduced), but its low operating costs, low maintenance, long service life, usually it is more cost-effective than pumping small diesel engine. Especially for solar power portable generator radiation intensity arid areas, the development of photovoltaic water pumps has good prospects.

Livestock Fence

Pastures use fencing to prevent livestock running around, so there are plans to rotational grazing, pasture protection, mention Gao stocking rates. Implementation of this scientific grazing system, we must first have power supply conditions. But in the vast grasslands, especially in remote areas of grassland, often lack of electricity, if specially equipped with long-distance transmission lines, and because little electricity and no economic benefits. More than 40 million hectares of grassland, the vast majority did not supply conditions, can not be pushed broadcasting fence, resulting in rangeland management backward, severely degraded pasture, to a large extent affected the development of animal husbandry. In some places the soil using stone fences or barbed wire around the herd, and labor-consuming, cost Gao, with little success. If it can make use of solar-powered electric fence technology to promote. Mainly through the electric fence pulse generator, producing not less than 3000V high voltage pulse, the pulse width is about 0.3s, but not current. Gao down to this pulse current to the wire fence up, and once the animal to the touch and wire mesh, hemp will produce electricity feeling, but will not harm the animals. After a period of adaptation when asked, livestock will produce a conditioned reflex, did not dare to casual contacts, and can live in a circle around the grazing range. This facility is easy to move the fence, not much power, but also doubles as a herdsman of lighting or power to watch TV.

Application of agroforestry

Agriculture and forestry can make use of solar cells as a power source big M, for example, in terms of plant protection, forest fire, rubber acquisition, existing solar sprayer, fire alarm, tapping solar energy lights, and other products.
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Solar Toys

Solar toys handsome in appearance, and the children can play to promote its clean energy good effect. Various solar toy cars, dolls and so the more popular, and has broad market prospects.

Cathodic protection

Pier, sluices, bridges, oil pipelines and other steel structures, from years of exposure in the field or buried in the ground, there will inevitably be rain, air electrochemical corrosion phenomenon. Metal corrosion to cause the loss of the national economy is very serious. In order to effectively prevent corrosion, the national research various protective measures, which the more advanced approach is to use a powered cathodic protection. However, in the wilderness it is difficult to obtain stable DC power supply, caused by this method to be limited. China's traditional anti-corrosion measures are brushing paint, the effect is poor, costs of working hours. With the solar cell, the DC power supply problem difficult to solve, portable solar power generator and now some of our large oil and sluice tian oil pipeline has begun using solar-powered cathodic protection measures such as astringent? - Ning - Lan Gas Pipeline Project, Portland - into - Chongqing oil pipeline project and plaid pipeline expansion project and other cathodic protection using solar power system.

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