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Technology Driven Development of Solar Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:59:08
"The scientific and technological innovation into the production of portable solar power generator, application of new technologies, so we have made a small investment, big return tangible results." National CPI Solar Power, director of technology branch in Xining Song Zhicheng said.

Looked to have shaped solar cells, Song Zhicheng told reporters that their solar cell conversion rate has been achieved eight times leap, from the initial 17.8% to the current 20 percent, making the solar cell performance is more stable, better quality, and to bring down costs for businesses, speed up transformation and upgrading, etc. "feel good", so that the enterprise development to a new "step."
portable solar power generator
Talking about recent technological breakthroughs, Song Zhicheng told reporters, in order to reduce the reflectivity of the surface of cells, so that light and heat resources are efficiently used, and in order to save costs, they broke through the polycrystalline photovoltaic cells reactive ion etching (RIE) system velvet technology on a silicon wafer by etching a velvet-like surface, and continuously improve the absorption of light by silicon, the average conversion rate of solar cells like  lifepo4 48v is improved. This technology is currently in the domestic industry leading level.

Last year, they by ion etching technology textured polycrystalline reaction studies, mastered the key process parameters diffusion, etching, sintering and other processes, and ultimately the formation of a complete set of polycrystalline RIE battery production technology program, and polycrystalline silicon cells achieve RIE small series production, the RIE battery technology industry made technical reserves.

Innovation into the studio staff, Song Zhicheng said they also through independent research and development, production efficiency of conventional solar batteries of solar powered portable generator has been transformed, in the original production process on a further extension of the technology, developed a PERC battery technology, techniques will enable solar cell conversion rate again improved for the development of photovoltaic industry into a "dynamic."

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