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Super Lithium Oxygen Battery For Solar Power Portable Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 17:54:39
Lithium-oxygen batteries, due to its lighter weight, and solid-state oxygen comes from overcharging mechanism, its more obvious advantages of lithium-air batteries, is expected to promote the field of solar power portable generator, and battery life mileage resolve security issues.

For portable solar power generator, and other portable equipment in the field, because the weight ratio of good energy, lithium-air battery (Lithium-air battery) is considered to be a very promising technology. But in fact, lithium-air battery itself, there is a serious flaw, the loss of power in the form of heat, and the battery degradation is very fast. Due to the use of open cell configuration, lithium-air batteries require expensive ancillary facilities to the suction and discharge of oxygen, which is the traditional sealed battery is completely different. However, the new variant of a chemical battery may be able to solve all problems. It can be used in a conventional manner, completely enclosed, and can provide lithium-air batteries battery performance like that, and completely overcome the shortcomings of the lithium-air battery.
A disadvantage of lithium-air battery that don't match the battery charge and discharge voltage for solar power portable generator storage bttery. The output voltage of the battery charging voltage ratio to be even more low 1.2 volts, which means that each complete charging process will have a huge energy loss. During charging, about 30% of the electricity in the form of heat loss, if you charge too fast, it can be spontaneous combustion.

Traditional lithium-air battery works like this: during discharge, this battery to absorb oxygen from the outside world, with the lithium battery chemical reaction. During the charging process by solar power portable generator, it produces the opposite chemical reaction, oxygen is released back into the air. In this new variant of the battery, the charge and discharge process, lithium element and subjected to the same electrochemical reaction of oxygen, but the change in the whole process gaseous oxygen is not need.

In contrast, the oxygen situation has been a solid presence and direct switching of the three redox state, resulting in three different solid compounds - lithium oxide Li2O, lithium peroxide and superoxide Li2O2 lithium LiO2, these three compounds glass shape mixed together. In this case, the voltage loss situation can be improved more than five-fold, from 1.2 volts minus 0.24 volts, so that only 8% of the energy is storaged by portahble solar power genertaor. Lee Ju said: "This means that the car can be fast charging, the lifepo4 battery pack so the situation will resolve hot, no longer pose a security risk, but the energy efficiency of the battery has been secured."

The new battery also solves another big problem lithium-air batteries. Since the charge and discharge process, the chemical reaction of oxygen in gaseous form and solid presence of oxygen when undergoing tremendous change in volume, which would disrupt the internal battery electrical conduction path, serious damage to the battery life,so this is't as storage batteries for solar power portable generator.

New battery itself has a mechanism to protect overcharge, over-charging in the case, the chemical reaction can be achieved self-restraint. Once overcharge occurs, chemicals immediately into another form, so that a chemical reaction suspension.In the case of the conventional battery overcharge may cause irreversible structural damage, or even an explosion but for nano lithium oxygen battery, We've been overcharged 15 days, and has its battery capacity. more than 100 times, but did not damage the battery a little.

In cyclic loading tests, the new battery lab version completed 120 times charge - discharge cycle test, the whole process down just 2% of the energy losses, which means that the battery has a long life so is well for portable solar power generator, or will. In addition, this battery is easy to use, it can be like that using conventional solid-state lithium-ion, lithium-air batteries and does not require a variety of auxiliary equipment like portable solar power generator, can be very quickly and easily applied to the automotive, electronics and even field grid energy reserves.

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