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Super Capacitor Lithium Battery and Graphene Battery Contrast Analysis

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-28 15:31:33
Lithium batteries and super capacitors are two very potential applications of a wide range of solar energy storage devices, its principles, characteristics, applications are very different, have their own strengths. Graphene since its inception, because of its strong electrical conductivity is seen as a revolutionary energy storage batteries materials. Imagine if the super capacitor, lithium battery and graphene combination of the three, what kind of collision will be the spark?

Charge for 5 minutes! Life 500 km! Graphene battery power so worry-free!
lifepo4 battery pack
Graphene, is composed of carbon atoms in the single atomic layer plane film, the thickness of only 0.34 nm, single layer thickness equivalent to the hair diameter of one hundred and fifty thousandth. Is the world's thinnest known, the hardest nano-materials, good light transmission, can be folded. Because only one layer of atoms, the movement of electrons is limited to a plane, graphene also has a new electrical properties. Graphene is the world's best conductive material, in the traditional mobile phone lithium battery added to the graphene composite conductive powder, improve the battery charge and discharge performance and cycle life. However, the technical difficulties of preparation are the biggest "stumbling block" that hinder the realization of the potential value of graphene. At present, most of the lifepo4 battery technology is still in research and development experimental stage, we really have to wait a long time?

Recently, UFO Energy Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Polycarbon Power has developed a real sense of graphene battery business products, in one fell swoop in the laboratory phase of the graphene batteries into the battery market, the successful solution to the existing Power supply battery instability, slow charging, low capacity problems. Taking a comprehensive balance of performance design ideas, cleverly the new graphite carbon composite carbon material into the positive and negative of the capacitor, the ordinary super-capacitor and high-energy batteries into one, the development of ultra-high performance of the new battery.

The first lifepo4 batteries will be the first application of electric vehicle batteries, is expected to be the end of this year or early next year will be able to meet with the user in the second half of next year, used in mobile phone battery and solar power generator business field graphene batteries will meet with you, then, Endurance, fast charge capacity and security issues can be resolved one by one. Composite Materials Co., Ltd. staff said that at present, the common market of electric vehicle batteries, are lithium iron phosphate batteries, ternary lithium batteries and lithium manganese batteries. These three kinds of batteries have their own advantages and disadvantages, but buyers can choose according to the different advantages and disadvantages of different batteries. And there is a battery, that is, graphene batteries, is completely subversive type of creation, while avoiding similar to the Tesla car battery spontaneous combustion event. Power has mastered the graphene battery preparation technology, through the lithium battery anode material to add graphene, reducing the resistance of the battery in order to achieve high-speed fast-charge fast release and significantly improve the cycle life of the battery. But also to enhance the battery's high and low temperature tolerance performance. This is the core technology of carbon-carbon power, but also other companies can not be copied. The popularity of lifepo4 batteries will be a leap in electric vehicles, once the application of graphene batteries to electric vehicles, the entire automotive industry will be subversive change.
neergy storage system Core Technology

Its core technology is to take a comprehensive balance of performance design ideas, cleverly the new graphite carbon composite carbon material into the positive and negative of the capacitor battery to achieve a common supercapacitor and high-energy battery as a whole, which both the general supercapacitor And the excellent performance of the battery.So many solar power generator are used lifepo4 or lithium battery for energy storage.


Graphene all-carbon capacitor battery is a versatile new power supply. Can solve the electric vehicle power problems, but also in surface ships, submarines, unmanned aerial vehicles, missiles and aerospace applications. Especially its unique safety performance will have a profound impact on the development of electric vehicle industry. This product sets the energy density of lithium-ion battery and super capacitor power density advantages in one, according to the new national standard testing, the cycle life of more than 4000 times, the use of temperature range from minus 30 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius. In ensuring a certain range of driving on the basis of large current can be fast charging and long cycle life.

Technological breakthrough

The new graphene all-carbon capacitor battery has the advantage of large storage capacity, from the electrical energy into chemical energy, and then converted into electrical energy released, the energy density has exceeded the current top-level lithium-ion battery power density close to the super capacitor, the structure The realization of the lifepo4 battery pack and the traditional capacitor in the merger, to achieve the advantages of both the battery and capacitor.

Performance advantages
Super Capacitor
Safe and stable, the new graphene poly carbon capacitor battery, charged with a nail after the gun to play, make it short-circuit, no response; on the fire burning, it will not explode.

Charging speed; graphene carbon-carbon battery, available 10C high current charge, a single full charge as long as 6 minutes, hundreds of series charging together, 10 minutes up to 95%.

Power density, up to 200W / KG ~ 1000W / KG, the equivalent of lithium batteries more than 3 times.

Research and Development of Capacitive Lithium Ion Batteries and lifepo4 batteries

1) frequent high current impact on the battery performance has a significant adverse impact

2) in parallel with the battery at both ends of large capacity capacitors can buffer large current impact on the battery, thus extending the battery cycle life

3) If the internal connection, so that each battery material particles are in the protection of the capacitor should be more to extend the battery cycle life, improve the battery power characteristics

The working principle of capacitive lithium ion battery

Capacitive lifepo4 battery pack is the double-layer supercapacitor and lithium-ion battery works together, the electrode material of lithium-ion battery and super capacitor electrode material integration, the device has the electric double-layer capacitor physical storage principle There are lithium-ion battery embedded de-embedded chemical energy storage principle, that is, the formation of capacitive lithium-ion battery.Today on the market most portable solar power generator use lithium ion battery because it's deep cycle and more safety.
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