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Structure Packaging Of Solar Power Battery Module

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-29 15:04:09
The main reasons for the packaging of  solar power batteries are: ① to prevent damage to solar power batteries. Crystalline silicon cell area, thickness thin, fragile, need to be protected; ② to prevent corrosion of solar power batteries failure; ③ meet the load requirements. As the long-term stability of solar power supply requirements, it needs to be a fixed connection, so that it can work stable, this process is the package.

Crystalline silicon solar cell module

The smallest and indivisible solar cell combination device having an external package and an internal connection and capable of separately providing a DC output is called a solar cell module. Typical encapsulation structure of crystalline silicon solar power battery module.

The structure of the thin film solar cell module

Thin-film photovoltaic cells are somewhat different from crystalline solar power batteries. The type of substrate, the manner of encapsulation, and the relative position of the semiconductor material to the substrate will affect the structure of the assembly. For front wall type CdTe cells and most amorphous silicon cells using non-toughened glass substrates, the glass substrate can act as an upper cover to protect the battery. Any type of glass can be used on the back side. Toughened safety glass can be used if required.

For the use of non-steel substrate of the back-wall type CIS battery and a part of the amorphous silicon cells, the need to add the top cover, protect the battery. In addition to the above two structures, if you use other types of substrates, use another kind of packaging, this package has three layers, for the front wall and back wall type thin film photovoltaic cells are applicable.Component of the packaging material
solar cell manufacturing
Upper cover

Covering the front of the solar power batteries, constitute the outermost layer of components, both to light, strong, wind, rain and snow, and to withstand the impact of sand, hail. The material of the top cover is tempered glass, polypropylene resin, fluorinated ethylene propylene, polycarbonate and so on. At present, the low-iron white tempered glass is the most common upper cover material, this glass surface processed into micro-pyramid structure (visually slightly suede), to a certain extent, increase the absorption of scattered light.This latest technology used in solar powered portable generator, will come with a revolutionary change.

Binder: Bonding agent is a fixed solar cells and to ensure that the upper and lower cover close the key material, its requirements are:
  • has a high transmittance, anti-ultraviolet aging.
  • has a certain flexibility, the buffer between the thermal expansion and contraction of different materials.
  • has good electrical insulation properties and chemical stability, itself does not produce harmful gases or liquids.
  • has an excellent air tightness, can prevent the invasion of outside moisture or harmful gases.
  • Currently more applications are the glue.
Bottom plate: the bottom of the same solar power batteries protection and support role. General requirements are:
  • has good weather resistance, can be isolated from the back of the moisture.
  • laminated temperature can not afford any change.
  • strong bonding with the bonding material.
  • Bottom plate used in general have glass, aluminum, plexiglass. At present, more applications are TPF, TPT polymer polyfluoro film.
For solar powered portable generator, the conversion rate of solar energy is particularly important,, the conversion rate of solar energy is particularly important.Border: flat panel components of the border protection components to facilitate the component with the square bracket bracket fixed. Border and adhesive composition on the edge of the seal components, the main materials are not pounds of steel, aluminum, rubber and reinforced plastics.

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