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Storage Batteries Made Significant Breakthrough

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 18:06:50

High-performance chemical storage batteries and portable solar power generator power plant key technology research, supported by high energy density, low-cost new supercapacitor key technologies , long-life lithium manganese battery energy storage system and key technology demonstration and other topics are significant progress was made, it has recently passed the technical acceptance.

Portable Solar Generators
New Super Capacitor

In the "new super capacitor", the preparation of technical bottleneck breakthrough high energy density and long life high power density supercapacitors portable solar power generator developed porous graphene, high voltage electrolyte salt and electrolyte, separator and other cellulosic materials, the development of dry preparing an electrode film test technology, breaking the (3.0V/12000F) supercapacitor industrialization of core technologies, products can be recovered in the machinery, rail vehicles supercapacitor respect at home and abroad to obtain applications. From domestic materials, devices integrated into the system formed in the super capacitor core technology system, changing the super capacitor during the Eleventh Five by the monopoly of foreign products.

Long-life Lithium Manganese Battery Energy Storage System

In the "long-life lithium manganese battery energy storage system", the industrialization of key technologies mastered the low-cost long-life lithium-ion energy storage system, launched a layered lithium manganese oxide, lithium manganese oxide single crystal surface coating, aluminum, cobalt Study co-doped material, a hard carbon anode material asphalt and resins derived function of the electrolyte studies, as well as single cells, modules and energy storage system of lithium manganese oxide cathode, single life expectancy has more than 3,000 times, some 6,000 times. Completed the development of two sets of 50kW / 100kWh level layered lithium manganese oxide / hard carbon lithium-ion battery energy storage system and the demonstration run, portable solar power generator is the first in the world; while the development of energy storage 20kWh solar home systems, 3kWh standby emergency power demonstration applications.

All-solid-state Lithium-ion Storage Battery

In the "all-solid lithium-ion storage battery", the successful development of high conductivity Li2S-P2S5 binary system and Li2S-GeS2-P2S5 ternary solid electrolyte mastered the system preparation Li2S-P2S5 glass-ceramic solid electrolyte material preparation method, the amorphous precursor made great breakthrough to achieve a stable production of high efficiency.

It has now achieved kg capacity sulfide solid electrolyte prepared. Development of the high nickel component layered cathode material having a core-shell structure and composition gradient. With the above binary sulfide solid electrolyte and cathode, developed capacity of 4.0Ah and 8.0Ah solid-state lithium batteries, the number of cycles at room temperature reached 500 times , and optimized assembly process proposed large-scale all-solid-state lifepo4 battery in soft packages solar power portable generator, promoted the industrialization process of all-solid lithium-ion battery.
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New LifePo4 Batteries Chemical Energy Storage

In the "new type of lithium sulfur battery chemical energy storage", the development of high-energy density lifePo4 batteries technology preparation, development of 35Ah lithium-sulfur battery specific energy 566Wh / kg (25 ℃ test), reached the world advanced level. 1kWh initial development of lithium-sulfur batteries and large-capacity 12kWh llifePo4 batteries, solar power portable generator achieved its coupling power demonstration. Using elemental sulfur, high-capacity lithium-sulfur batteries and battery technology products have the potential when used as a long-endurance UAV airborne energy systems and other areas of application prospects.

Low-cost Lithium Titanate Energy Storage Lithium-ion Battery

In the "low-cost lithium titanate energy storage lithium-ion battery", the amount of material to get through the low-cost production, long life and high consistency and battery modules, portable solar power generator plant demonstration and promotion of the whole industry chain, to build a solar power portable generator system based on lithium titanate anode material demonstration of mobile storage devices, optical storage demonstration was 0.5MWh / 1MW lithium titanate energy storage power station, laid the foundation for lithium titanate energy storage applications.

To some extent, to meet the renewable energy and smart grid scale energy storage needs, and promote the orderly development of wind, solar powered portable generator and rational allocation of resources, improve the intermittent new energy grid technology, energy storage batteries for China material - batteries - integration - demonstration chain provides a more complete technical support system, building industry internationally competitive platform for future sustainable development of the industry and promote the development of China's storage industry, to enhance China's energy can strategic position of sustainable development, broad market prospects.
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