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Storage Batteries For Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-30 11:02:35
In the off-grid solar power generation systems, the requirements for lifepo4 batteries are mainly related to the local climate and the use of the way, so different. For example, the nominal capacity of the 5-hour rate, 24 hours rate, 72 hours rate, 100 hours rate, 240 hours rate and 720 hours rate; the depth of discharge is not the same day, South America Peru for "Sunshine Plan" Require 40% -50% of the daily average depth of discharge, and our "bright project" project in the household system using the battery only 20% -30% of the discharge, the Japanese beacon for the battery was small current long discharge . Lifepo4 battery can be divided into shallow cycle and deep cycle of two types. Therefore, the choice of solar energy lifepo4 batteries should not only economical but also reliable, not only to prevent long-term rainy weather when the battery storage capacity is not enough to reach the use of purpose; also to prevent the lifepo4 battery capacity selection is too small, is not conducive to normal power supply, and affect Its cycle life, thus limiting the life of the photovoltaic system; but also to avoid the capacity is too large, increasing costs, resulting in waste. Therefore, the correct choice of battery type and capacity is critical.

Special requirements of solar energy battery
  • Rated Capacity For fixed VRLA lifepo4 batteries, it is best to use a 20-hour rate or 24-hour rate to meet the daily use of 5, can withstand 3 days without the sun or no wind when the daily power supply.
  • Low temperature discharge and charging performance.
  • Charge efficiency and recovery performance after deep discharge. As VRLA batteries in the operation is not fully charged, and sometimes there is still standing after deep discharge, so the battery charging efficiency and recovery after deep discharge performance is an important indicator.
  • Life 12V series in about 5a. 2V series in about 8a.
  • Can be used in areas above 3000m above sea level.

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Determine the main factors of battery capacity

  • The number of days the battery can work alone Under special climatic conditions, the lifepo4 battery pack is allowed to discharge until the remaining capacity of the battery accounts for 20% of the normal rated capacity.
  • Daily discharge capacity of the battery for daily load stability and less demanding occasions, the daily discharge cycle depth can be limited to the remaining capacity of the battery capacity of 80% of the rated capacity.
  • The lifePo4 battery must have sufficient capacity to ensure that will not be due to overcharge caused by water loss generally in the election battery capacity, as long as the battery capacity is greater than the peak of the solar cell square current of 25 times, the battery will not cause loss of water when charging.
  • Self-discharge of the battery As the battery life increases and the battery temperature increases, the self-discharge rate increases. The self-discharge rate for new batteries is typically less than 5% of capacity; however, for older, poor quality batteries, the self-discharge rate can increase to 10-15% per month.

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