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Status and Problems of Photovoltaic Industry

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-20 16:52:56
China from the 1980s to carry out development and production of solar power batteries, the Western countries are also areas without electricity to promote the off-grid PV system applications, where bright project implementation and townships and other projects for the development of China's PV industry and improve PV technology has played a positive role. In recent years, countries in the 973 and 863 and other major projects will also be developed solar cells into an important position in the national "15" science and technology plan in PV project has Shigehito arrangements. Since 2003, China's solar power batteries industry growth accelerate, estimated in the near future there will be new companies emerge, China's solar cell industry is entering a rapid development.

In the construction of solar photovoltaic power generator systems, some of our related research departments and industrial sectors have also put forward the plan. More influential Qinghai 8MW Dunhuang desert electric light Institute of Electrical and other units proposed, and has been related to research and feasibility studies. The Institute has established a 1MW of photovoltaic power plant in Shenzhen Horticultural Exposition for Mao before Asia's largest solar photovoltaic power generator system. In order to meet the 2010 World Expo, Shanghai Jiaotong University Solar Energy Research Institute proposed Shanghai 100,000 solar roofs program. Wuxi, Suzhou and other places related to the units are planned PV promotion programs.

Overall, China's photovoltaic industry is still in its infancy. Compared with the international developed countries, there are still many problems in the development of PV, according to our observations and analysis, mainly in the following ten questions:
large scale solar power
① research is weak, decentralized, experimental conditions are poor, there is no authority, Gao level of a national-level research institutions;
② solar energy theoretical physics in particular, the development of photovoltaic weak;
③ field of solar energy research personnel and a serious lack of high-level engineering and technical personnel;
④ solar energy based materials, particularly photovoltaic materials and devices rely on imports;
⑤ key production equipment and testing equipment to rely on imports,
⑥ existing small-scale photovoltaic industry, supporting the poor, lack of funds;
⑦ no - a new energy and renewable energy unified decision-making, management and coordination _ national institutions;
⑧ lack of relevant policies and concrete measures to promote the development and use of solar energy industry;
⑨ no long-term development strategy, annual development plan and determine the target;
⑩ solar market sales and project management is not standardized, the lack of industry standards and oversight.

Energy and the environment in our country is extremely serious problem, China's economic development is in urgent need to find renewable energy solutions. From the development of the international and domestic situation, the current development of solar energy is a golden opportunity, whether it is for research institutions or industrial sector or the user, PV are facing good opportunities for development. The most critical issue is to improve the photovoltaic conversion efficiency and reduce costs. The main impediment to large-scale application of solar power batteries is still higher than its production cost Gao. Reduce manufacturing costs by improving existing manufacturing processes, the design of new cell structure, development of new battery materials, etc., to mention Gao photoelectric conversion efficiency. Actively develop various types of thin film solar cells and other new solar cells. Research in this area is to significantly reduce the cost of solar cells, and also mention Gao cell efficiency of hope. The direction from which the substance opinion, belong to materials science and engineering, the key materials technology, including solar grade silicon solar power battery technology and design and manufacturing technology in two ways.

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