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Stacked Solar Power Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 15:55:35
The two solar cells stacked together for multiple stacked solar cell, the following few observations are worth noting: it is important don't use this for solar power portable generator otherwise it will cause danger.

The biggest improvement stacked battery will appear in a single cell into two stacked battery case; with more number of stacked solar cell, improving the performance of the less significant.

He means with the performance full-band spectral selectivity of this positive charge and completely selective solar collectors the same. The difference is that the former is a direct output of electric power, while the latter assumed the separation of the ideal Carnot power converter coupled together.

In a full-band spectrally selective solar cell device, there are an infinite number of parameters of the two groups can be freely adjusted. However, this by the infinite plurality of stacked solar cell device of the produced electric power and not the incident exactly match the maximum output level emitted jurisdiction.
Ultra-large-scale Photovoltaic Power Generation
Because of the infinite number of blocks stacked solar cell array transmission ratio of the fluorescence radiation, which is not identical with the ambient radiation. Thus, the work can be made a part of the energy is lost due to the fluorescence radiation direction of the incident radiation with the opposite , so this result is inevitable need to add a gadget, it is for the different radiation directions are not static, so it is possible the incident radiation and outgoing radiation separately, so you can take advantage of fluorescent radiation in the second complete selection produce additional electric power of the solar cell stack, and so on. the results show that, in theory, the solar power generation radiation through the photovoltaic effect fully converted into electricity output.

The following instructions must also be added that a given plurality of stacked solar cell is a device that can be adjusted to a band gap 4 with a particular band of the solar spectrum and determine the temperature of the lifePo4 battery to match. If the battery temperature , incident radiation flow density or spectral distribution changes, it is generally fixed terms would not be the best for this effect in the case of a single photovoltaic cell has been encountered. However, in the case of a single photovoltaic cell, storage period of Chi relatively wide, flat optimal performance range. in the case of the current coupling of multiple stacked solar cells, they're sensitive to changes in the spectral distribution of the incident radiation is particularly significant, just want to get from such a stacked solar cell increased electrical power output must pay the price.

Since the stacked solar cell performance particularly susceptible to changes in the incident radiation spectrum, so the actual energy conversion efficiency of lifePo4 batteries with different spectral response of the solar cell can be for a given degree of response to existing solar spectrum Peng row points and then dividing by the total spectral width of the incident radiation is calculated.
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