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Solid-state Lithium Batteries For Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-07 17:36:17
Is solid-state lithium battery suitable for solar power portable generator ? From time theory point of view, solid-state battery is not a new concept. The traditional liquid lithium is what scientists aptly called "rocking chair batteries" rocking chair at both ends of the battery's positive and negative poles in the middle of an electrolyte (liquid). The lithium ion as an outstanding athlete, running back and forth at both ends of the rocking chair, lithium ions from the positive to the negative and then the positive course of the campaign, the battery charge and discharge process is complete.

Solid state batteries with the same principle, except that its electrodes and electrolyte are solid. Solid electrode and electrolyte having a density and structure can allow more charged ions gather at one end, conducting more current, and thus enhance the battery capacity. Thus, the same capacity, solid-state battery is smaller, higher energy density; because of its electrodes and electrolyte are solid, solid-state lithium battery is much safer than the liquid, no easy to explode.Furthermore,the solid-state lithium batteries charge-discharge cycle life is very long, up to 45,000 times, and saves 95% of the initial capacity, so that other types of batteries could not catch; at the same time. All solid-state battery can be further optimized through into flexible batteries. Such a flexible battery can withstand hundreds to thousands of times bending to ensure the performance without reduced substantially, smart phones, laptops and electric cars bring more features and experiences.

So, under the premise of the theory of maturity and many performance advantages of solid-state batteries why we not commercialize it? The answer is that production costs are too high! It is reported that the cost of liquid lithium batteries around $200-300/kWh, with existing technology to produce enough for the solid-state battery-powered smartphone and portable soalr power generator, the cost will reach $15,000, which is sufficient for the solid-state battery-powered cars cost it is to reach a staggering $90 million. Seth Terry said that a few years ago, she decided to abandon conventional abandon research on conventional battery manufacturing technology, specializing in the use of computer chip manufacturing technology to manufacture the battery. Traditional battery production process is complicated and will generate pollution. To break this barrier, Seth Terry set up a team of experts of the five countries on battery power, weight, volume, cost, and safety and other aspects of analysis, identify areas that can be optimized as well as materials for the manufacture of the battery.
Portable Solar Power Generator System
Eventually, Seth Terry developed a "thin film deposition techniques," this technology in a "sandwich" system to replace the liquid electrolyte inside lifePo4 battery, the "sandwich" can not only act as a spacer, preventing contact reaction positive and negative electrodes; but also acts as an electrolyte, to ensure the normal transmission of electricity between ions. Use of technology and research and development of new production processes, Seth Terry said that the current Sakti3 can be like today's flat-panel display manufacturing TV manufacturers as low production fast solid-state batteries.

But there are a lot of people use lifePo4 batteries prospects questioned. Compared to the cost of the current liquid lithium-based solid-state battery is still very high, senior researcher Lijun's Kevin Seay said the cost of production is the biggest challenge. Compared with the production of large-sized battery and the amount produced in the laboratory to demonstrate the small battery it is not enough. Right now though the outcome was a bit shocked, but there are too many technical details were not disclosed, nor did the manufacturing cost, there is no guarantee the commercialization of materials and are not affected by environmental factors.

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