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Solar Storage Tank System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-23 15:27:16
Storage tank: storage tank (also known as hot water storage tank or storage tank) is a storage device can store heat and it is in the building heating, hot water supply and air conditioning systems Developed as a component, is mainly used to adjust the imbalance between energy and energy in order to improve the system's thermal efficiency and further meet the heat load needs.Thermal storage tank due to storage thermal characteristics (transient (Single-box type and multi-box type), the installation of the box vertical or vertical and horizontal or horizontal structure of the different materials and uses, and so on, Can be divided into a variety of different types - the following only focus on the former two.Storage tank technology can be used to portable solar power generator ?

According to the storage of hot water storage tank thermal characteristics (or mixing characteristics of the storage tank) can be divided into complete extrusion flow, complete mixing flow and part of the mixed flow of three categories.If w said water velocity, said tank length, Five said the mixed diffusion coefficient, the above three types of water temperature according to the degree of mixing or mixing characteristics = size of the size of the classification .Pressure outflow: or piston flow, the tank of water is completely piston flow, There are two hot and cold water inside the box, the interface between the two is very clear that almost no mixing at this time can be considered or when the storage tank storage (cold), the water from the bottom (top) into the pressure, the heat can All to be used, this is an ideal state.

Fully mixed flow: the temperature inside the water tank is completely uniform, indicating a very good mixing. At this time can be considered five-or usually, this is only in the hot water tank installed strong mixer, while it slowly while stirring Open-type: open to the atmosphere: to bear the torque is small, advocate vulnerable to acid corrosion, and because oxygen is soluble in water, so the requirements of the container corrosion resistance is higher, closed: water tank filled with Water, it should be set up above the expansion of water pliers to avoid the expansion of hot water storage tank. The advantage of solar power generator is simple piping system, the required pump head smaller, and thus less power consumption of circulating pump .The disadvantage is the bear Pressure is higher, so the pressure requirements of the storage tank is higher, but the pressure vessel equipment costs are higher; generally used for small buildings.
Converting Soalr Power Into Electricity
In practice, both the hot water supply system for the building and the hot water storage tank for the roof (which is used in conjunction with the natural circulation type water heater) are mostly open . In addition, the use of solar power generator foundation beam space as the hot water storage tank and the use of the concrete- the hot water storage tanks are also open. Conversely, when the collector temperature of 100℃ or more, unless the use of special heat medium, or hot water storage tank must be closed; In addition, placed on the ground mandatory recycling water heater storage hot water clamp are also closed.

As for the structural material of the storage tank, open multi-purpose concrete, steel, stainless steel and stainless steel and glass, etc., and sealed with multi-purpose steel, stainless steel and glass steel.

As for the storage tank structure, most of the cylindrical, easy to process, easy to seal, more economical; two storage thermal performance than rape, formed by the small dead zone; three Compression In the case of the same internal pressure, the tension acting on the cylindrical wall is proportional to the radius.
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