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Solar Spectrum With Solar Energy

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-21 11:09:35
Solar radiation spectrum outside the Earth's atmosphere, from the ground early are mainly Gao Shan spectral measurement data obtained by extrapolation, but one aspect of air molecules in the atmosphere, water vapor molecules, carbon dioxide molecules and ozone molecules on a variety of different wavelengths case radiation absorption, scattering and reflection are different, on the other hand the air flow in the lower atmosphere, the clouds change is very complex, so the data is difficult to accurately measure the ground. later, the gradual introduction of balloons, aircraft, spacecraft and satellites as well as fire and other Dutch first means Bongchang and more dense pile-Cape analytical instruments, obtained more satisfactory results.The solar power portable generator is widely used in life use it for camping and travel ,as a backup power for many device.

Solar radiation through the atmosphere to reach the Earth's surface in the process, we must continue with the air molecules in the atmosphere, water vapor molecules, ozone molecules, carbon dioxide molecules and dust interactions, by reflection, absorption and scattering, so to reach the sun radiation on the ground undergone significant attenuation, and its spectral distribution has also undergone some changes. for example, the solar radiation in the X-ray and other shorter wavelength radiation, because in the ionosphere was nitrogen, oxygen and other atmospheric molecules strongly absorbed They can not reach the ground; most were UV ozone molecules absorb in the visible range as for the attenuation is mainly due to atmospheric elements, as well as water vapor molecules strongly scattering of dust and fumes caused; while attenuating the near infrared range, is primarily the result of selective absorption of water vapor molecules. Lost wave far-infrared radiation than 3.0mm, the irradiance in the upper atmosphere boundary would have been quite low, coupled with the strong absorption of carbon dioxide molecules and water vapor molecules, so irradiance arriving on the ground is really minimal. Therefore, the use of solar energy on the ground, just consider the main wavelength 3~3 sun radiation in the range can be. in general, solar radiation, about 43% due to reflection and scattering folded space, and another 14% is absorbed by the atmosphere, and only 43% can reach the ground • of course, this result is the average worldwide for decades got, if only in time, one place is concerned, it would be seriously affected by the time local weather conditions and not a Coming to terms.
Atmospheric scattering: solar radiation incident on the Lubo ashamed electric atmosphere, the interaction with the electronic material (gas, liquid, solid) in the atmosphere occurs, the electromagnetic field so that electrons are accelerated in substance, these accelerated electrons electromagnetic waves radiated from different directions this door of an inner, along the original direction of the incident radiation will be weakened, weakened energy distribution to go the other direction - scattering of electromagnetic waves is one of the important and widespread nature of the phenomenon, it has a very wide range of applications.

When solar power generation into the atmosphere, the spectrum of the various components exposed to atmospheric molecular scattering junction Gao makes The sky blue, the color is mixed product relative irradiance in Table 3 below heart six spectral colors . at sunrise or sunset, solar radiation passes through the thicker atmosphere, in addition to red, the color spectrum of sunlight other are strongly scattered out, so that the sun is red.

We strive to improve solar energy conversion rate,in order to store more energy for portable solar power generator. 4 kinds of air quality in the case of terrestrial solar irradiance under four groups turbidity conditions and the ratio of direct irradiance and solar constant of, but also gives the ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation can be three parts Dong percentage of the total as can be seen from the table, with the increase of the large set of qualities or increased turbidity, infrared radiation energy i.e. the total percentage increase in the energy of ultraviolet radiation and the percentage of the total to be noted that there is used the solar constant values are 353kWm to comply with the latest value, the value listed in the table need to increase accordingly around about 1%.

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