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Solar-Powered Garden Street Light

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-19 07:29:16
Since solar light is a lamp using solar energy as an energy source, as long as plenty of sunshine can be installed locally, from the impact of power lines, without ditching embedding, not consumption of conventional energy, it is a green environment-friendly products, and thus subject widespread attention and application. According to reports, 90% of the Olympic Village roads lighting 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will use the solar lights. Solar Light has become a new bright spot in the development and utilization of solar power.We could use portable solar power generator as backup power for portable solar led light.

Solar Street Light

Solar street light by the solar modules, batteries, charge controllers, lighting circuits, poles and other components. Support poles are part of the system, there are other small conventional lights, it has to support the cap, but also to support the solar cell module and lifePo4 batteries. Thus, the solar cell module and the total area of the child if too large, it will not only affect the overall appearance, but also adversely affect the structural strength and stability of the poles. So at this stage the best solar street lights with high efficiency crystalline silicon solar power battery, but also the best choice for low-power, high-brightness lighting lamps.

Solar street light controller need to have - like photovoltaic systems reverse charge, anti-overcharge and over discharge, short-circuit proof and reverse functions outside, but also has the function of automatic switch lights. Commonly used timing and light control are two ways to control the solar street light working hours. Timing control may be an analog line or microcontroller control of two ways, according to the actual needs of pre-set lights every night working hours, adjust electronic or mechanical timer on or off time, when lights will automatically switch .If the length of the annual working time will not be adjusted, the timing of such solar lights can be designed as an annual average daily consumption of the same balance to handle the load. Another way to control light control, photosensitive devices can be installed separately, can also be used as a solar cell itself photosensitive devices that automatically turn on the lights when the surrounding environment is dark to a certain extent,solar power generator when until dawn and then automatically turn off the lights. Obviously, this is not the same day, the length of working hours, shorter working hours in summer, winter, long working hours.
solar powered portable generator
Because solar lights to work entirely in the natural environment, changes in ambient temperature can affect the performance of the lifePo4 battery. Temperature increase of 1C, single battery voltage drops 3.6mV. Therefore, in the design of the circuit must charge and discharge the battery voltage temperature compensation. Single-chip controller generally use a temperature sensor for temperature compensation, analog circuit controller uses the temperature sensitive resistor element for temperature compensation.

Solar lights can be said is a light, electrical, mechanical, control technology as one of the works of art, often blend in with the surrounding environment beautiful. At design time, an important consideration in addition to its beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, coordination with outside environment, but also careful to optimize the design of scientific, rational determination of the solar cell module, the lifePo4 batteries capacity and the size of the load power to ensure system stability work reliably, but also to achieve the best economic benefits.

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