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Solar Power Storage Capacity Of The Inductor Coil

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-23 14:52:23
The energy storage capacity of the inductor coil can be about 100 times greater than the energy storage capacity of the capacitor, but large inductive energy storage is still unrealistic and can only be used as a small-scale and special purpose energy storage device. That is, materials with high permeability generally have high resistivity, and electric energy is stored in large current, therefore, Joule heat loss must be great.With the superconducting materials, especially high-temperature superconducting materials It is possible to use the inductive coil to carry out large-scale and long-term storage of the energy r. Some special magnetic alloys and their relative permeability and the maximum relative permeability Resistivity.

It is known that the simplest means of storing electrical energy is of high efficiency and has no moving parts and is directly output in the form of electric energy.It is generally composed of two electrodes (anodes and cathodes) and an electrolytic solution, Liquid is usually an ion conductor to list the performance of some of the original battery.For a certain volume, the original lifePo4 battery jC stored energy is very small, and the cost of energy storage is very expensive.If the use of improper and maintenance is not So the research work in recent years, the main direction is to improve the energy density of the original battery and its quality ratio, the development of a more compact and maintenance-free lifePo4 battery pack, has made the battery life some progress.
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Theoretical analysis and experimental studies have shown that short-term solar thermal storage, which meets the heat load requirements for several days or less, is economical in building heating and air-conditioning systems, for example, in the case of thermal storage of solar energy. Passive solar houses, the use of brick, stone, concrete walls, etc. constitute the thermal storage system, in fact, does not require much additional investment, because the design of the wall structure of the building, they have been included in the cost of . Even the economic analysis of storage tanks or rock beds suggests that short-term heat storage costs are competitive with conventional sources of energy, but long-term heat storage with conventional sensible heat storage The economy is not cost-effective; in addition, the chimney of its technology has been perfected, so rely solely on technological development to significantly improve its economic potential is very small.

In the solar heating and air-conditioning system, the use of soil, aquifer and solar pool, etc. to achieve long-term cross-quarter storage, in the economy on the economic and effective long-term storage method is very meaningful Of course, if the technology is difficult to overcome gradually and the material and the system of the ring is constantly reduced, the latent heat storage and reversible chemical reaction heat storage and other ways in the long-term storage may have a broader development prospects.

As for the electrical storage of solar energy, it is economically inefficient because there are too many intermediate processes of indirect conversion of solar energy into other electric energy forms, which are mainly applied directly from solar energy to solar energy The use of primary batteries for several days or less storage time is still cost-effective - but because of the need for regular maintenance of the original lifePo4 batteries.However, the use of the original battery can be stored for several days or less time to save the original battery is the most economical, , Charge and discharge process has a certain technical coriander demand, and its service life there are certain restrictions, so the use of solar energy systems, the cost of the original battery system is often accounted for about the total cost of 1/3 Therefore, Large capacity, stable performance, easy maintenance, longer life, and low cost of the lifePo4 battery, will become the current and future period of time the main research direction. TAG: Ireland Hawaii Duke 100Ah 48V telecom Malta Battery-Box Passenger NTPC Containerized Off-Grid Code Building California