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Solar Power Portable Generator Use In Daily Life

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-08 11:59:52
Also known as solar power portable generator named solar inverter one machine, its working principle is using solar panels (PV) generates a current in solar radiation, solar controller by electrical energy stored in batteries, and then by frequency inverter DC reverse into a pure sine wave AC (220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz) output to the load demand for electricity exchange.

Compared with the traditional small gasoline generator power, the absence of mechanical work, power generation is no mechanical wear, no noise, high power generation efficiency, long service life; solar generator burns no gasoline, it does not emit toxic gases, as long as there is solar radiation power can not only save costs, but also green.
portable solar power generator
Solar power generator with solar panels connected to the sun can generate electricity. Large battery cabinet storage space, can be placed on section 2 capacity lifePo4 batteries pack, store 2kwh. Its working principle is use of pv generates a current in the solar radiation through photovoltaic solar energy stored in the controller battery pack. When need electricity through high-efficiency inverter frequency pure sine wave inverter output AC power to the appliances. The device two modes of operation are solar charger and mains charging, and automatic switching power supply.

The machine uses an integrated PWM controller and a highly efficient and stable solar power frequency inverter, enables photovoltaic, sync to mains battery charging, automatic detection lifePo4 battery power, the effective protection of the battery electrode performance, extended service life; all-digital LCD screen display, the machine running at a glance, and a sound alarm and overload protection.

Portable solar power generator is suitable for remote areas without electricity household electrical equipment, orchard planting, aquaculture, rural schools, border posts and border trade business city and other users. Also applies to car repair lighting, electrical communication field construction lighting, emergency lighting power emergency light. Off grid independent operation, also known as independent solar power generation system. According to the actual of users environment,the use of solar energy a priority, mains priority two different operating modes, and freedom to switch.

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