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Solar Power Portable Generator Available For Refrigerator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:33:28
Portable solar powr generator is one of necessity in our life.People under modern city heavy pressure of life are increasingly eager to stay away a trip, and this one traveling by car this trendy travel travel way more and more urban men and women love the workplace, people in the open RV travel time by phone, ipad and other digital devices to those around food, beauty Share on microblogging, the letter, which is the current trend of most young lifestyle. But when you are comfortable sharing the road when all the good feelings, one thing has always been worried about you, that is power mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, car refrigerator, car TV and other digital equipment shortage problem. Portable solar power generator, which can be used independently without outside power.
Portable Solar Power Generator System
Many car enthusiasts prefer driving their own car to play around, but there is always some careless driving on his way to forget to turn off the car's own electrical equipment, then the next day will be bitter force found dead car lifePo4 battery , and can not start the car, and thus tried various ways to start the car, good luck can help riders close to a smooth start, bad luck can only Yangtianchangtan up.

But if you travel in this way carries the baby you need not worry, either forget to turn off the car lifePo4 battery leakage or electrical equipment, portable power station Tianyang multifunctional mobile power solar power generator can help you easily solve, the solar mobile power lithium battery capacity of 600Wh, allows you to easily solve the problem of auto ignition start, portable solar energy power genrerator in day body comes DC output via a dedicated battery clip is connected to the car lifepo4 battery positive and negative charging, charge five or minutes almost can successfully start a car, safe and convenient.

Many friends traveling by car often because many electronic products can not be used in the field and makes the whole journey experience greatly reduced, with the portable solar energy power generator day, all problems solved, Power Horse 3 Almighty has five output power supply function: LED lighting (≦ 12W), car refrigerator (≦ 100W), USB digital charging, AC400W / 220V AC power supply, DC12V car starts. Comes with 50W foldable solar panel (expandable up to 150W), with 220V, 12V and 5V output voltage. AC220V400W AC output, the supply of 500W or less load, such as television, desktop computers, fans, etc., only you think, no you can not take, so powerful, so when you're out, carrying a baby can solve all this charging problem, says power Horse 3 is a universal mobile power can be said is not an exaggeration
solar powered protable generator
Now no matter what the word stress experience, tourism will certainly be fun Well ah, playing a good experience, to achieve mental and physical pleasure, and solar powered portable generator for the car Tianyang friend offers three quick charging solutions that fully meet use needs of various environments, provide you with a good experience, electricity more comfortable.

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