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Solar Power Genertation Controller Design a Common Technique

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-14 15:59:26
Integrated operational amplifier constituting the charging and discharging control circuit

By an integrated amplifier configured as a voltage comparator control circuit 100W following a large number of small solar power portable generator systems adopt. Because this circuit is completely controlled by the system hardware by adjusting potentiometer to set the control state, which is simple, reliable, easy maintenance, low cost, low power consumption of the circuit itself,portable solar power generation is a very good match circuit . Of course, the voltage comparator can also use other integrated circuit (such as 555 timers, etc.) to design. The key to this circuit is to design a better voltage hysteresis for the charge-discharge characteristics of the battery, and select the device to be reliable, charge and discharge status on Ranjia LEDs indicating the constitution of the circuit, has become a practical control function has circuit.

Direct coupling mode of charging and discharging control circuit, which consists of an integrated operational amplifier LM358, CD4011, power switch (50N06) adjustable resistors and resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, LED, sockets and other components. The circuit is designed for 12V battery charge and discharge control circuit,lifePo4 battery over-charge and over-discharge protection, LED status indication provide charge and discharge, the maximum charge and discharge current of 6A, PV assembly end having positive inflows reverse charge Schott base pipe D1, to PV module instead of photosensitive resistance, can be achieved by charging during the day jumper JPO nighttime auto discharge function. LifePo4 battery charge and discharge voltage of the battery according to the specific requirements by using adjustable resistance Wl, W3 adjusted general lead-acid batteries the nominal minimum discharge voltage of 12V is not less than 11V (-? - Like the equivalent of a 75% depth of discharge If the lifePo4 battery pack requires shallow discharge, this value should increase), the maximum charging voltage is not higher than 14.5V (this value with the battery ambient temperature, need for temperature compensation). LifePo4 battery for solar power generation implemented by direct charging - pulse charging - Shutdown - (? 0.5 5Hz) conversion process of its re-charge pulse, the pulse frequency by the feedback resistor R17 determine the size and type of circuit pulse frequency is generally small, are for reference only.
battery for solar energy storage
SCM as the control center of the controller circuit

Circuit, the controller is designed for solar street lamps designed by microprocessor circuit (P87LPC767), power supply circuit, a real-time clock circuit, LCD display circuit, switching circuit for charging and discharging switching circuit, a keyboard interface circuit, solar cells and battery interface circuit. Microprocessor circuit outputs through its input PO, P1 I/O ports connect with each other functional circuits, the A/D input port to realize the battery, solar cell sampling measurement, power supply circuit by 12V DC regulator for the 5V power supply, to release the microprocessor circuit and other circuits provide 5V voltage; liquid crystal display circuit through the half-byte data bus (4 ^ and control bus (3) again and a microprocessor PO, P1 port is connected (liquid crystal display circuit with a separate controller, which provides operating power from the power circuit); real-time clock circuit through the serial bus SCL, SDA P1 port is connected with the microprocessor read and write functions; by the switching circuit for charging a control line and port P1 is connected to the microprocessor, by software analog waveform output PWM control signal; discharging switch circuits are connected by a control line and a microprocessor P1 port control signal waveform output by the software simulation, control switch action; between the keyboard interface circuit with a microprocessor circuit is connected via two I/O port lines P0; solar and LifePo4 battery interface circuit through the fuse and switch and charging switch circuit + 12V terminal is connected with the discharge switching circuit + 12V terminal.

The controller for the low-power charge-discharge circuit having a microprocessor (and on - compared to hardware circuits, power consumption is large, because it also comes with a display circuit), it also has a real-time clock circuit. Real-time clock circuit, set on a long shallow discharged lifePo4 batteries can be used for every six months of full-time full charge and discharge conservation Xi live operation, eliminate the memory effect, in order to extend lifeePo4 battery life. Practice has proved that through conservation of the activation, the lifePo4 battery service life can be extended by 50%. By the time the clock output circuit may also be provided, on the street were time control. Charge and discharge controller provides control output PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), direct control of the MOSFET switch to achieve maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge control, greatly improving the charging efficiency Gao, especially prominent in discharging PWM output control can adjust the power consumption LED light source (because of the good performance of the LED strobe; but ordinary lamps such as fluorescent lamps, which do not have to change the frequency had a significant effect on lamp life). For example: controller, when it gets dark to 0:00 for the whole power output to 12 points after the dead of night when appropriate can reduce the brightness of the LED light source, which can improve energy efficiency, but also extend the energy use of time, can be reduced small system configuration, reduce the solar power portable generator cost.

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