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Solar Power Generator Of Tariff Dispute

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-21 10:28:08
Over the past 10 years, a third-party financial instruments has supported growth in the US residential solar power portable generator market. Today, about 1% of the nation's households are with rooftop solar power portable generator systems. However, due to the changing market environment, which in the past has helped the leading provider of business model began to take the lead provider becomes a costly burden.
Currently, placed in front of the United States residential solar giant SolarCity, Sunrun and Vivint company is cost pressure and the high vertical integration strategy. If the sales slowdown, a large marketing company, structured finance, legal, accounting, lobbying, IT and engineering teams will have become a heavy burden.
Due to unfavorable regulatory and market factors, which the company's quarterly sales data are very undulating, which in turn lead to a more open market surveillance, shareholders lost nearly $ 7 billion.
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Net metering billing reform might affect consumer confidence in the rooftop PV systems. Consumers may turn to the choice of smaller systems, while smaller rooftop PV system is difficult to get a power purchase agreement or lease agreementportable solar generator kit By 2015, the United States canceled a total of three state net metering billing, and some other states have similar sound.
Retail price declining mean people may not because of fear of rising energy costs and hedging measures taken, but will also affect suppliers PPA retention value judgments. Over the past year, a total of 29 states nationwide residential retail electricity prices decline.
PV companies trumpeted the people not to "lease" but rather to "buy" rooftop PV systems. In fact, the motivation behind these companies reflects the profound transformation of the US solar power generator industry restructuring moment. Through online sales platform, some well-known local PV system installers also with some international brands under a high.
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Residential  solar power generator systems due to higher rental and purchase agreement for the customer's credit request from the fact that "lease" to "buy" the transition to open a new situation for the rooftop solar market. Today, suppliers can lower the credit history of consumers to sell residential PV systems, but it also intensified the competition among small companies.
At this stage, the majority of residential portable solar power generaor system supplier more emphasis on the latter between profit and market share. Although residential solar system has less than 1% of American households, the market is still very broad, but the cost of acquiring new customers remains high.

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