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Solar Power Generator Household System Small Solar Power Generator Portable

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-21 14:03:58
Solar powered portable generator use solar energy as energy, through the solar panels from light energy into electrical energy into the battery, according to the need for lighting or mobile phones and other digital products charge. The product is exquisite appearance, energy saving and environmental protection. It is an ideal power supply equipment for traveling, home lighting, grassland pastoral area, field work, agriculture and forestry villa, island fishing boat, frontier post, emergency relief, geological survey and emergency power.
solar power generation
Solar power generator for home system components:
  • Solar crystalline silicon solar panels: solar crystal silicon solar panels for photovoltaic power generation system, the core component, its role is to convert light energy into electricity. Component conversion efficiency of 18% (single crystal), 17% (polycrystalline), component life of 20 years.
  • Battery: The battery is an essential part of the PV off-grid power generation system and is the most valuable part of the PV off-grid power generation system. Its main function is to store the energy generated by the solar cell, through the chemical energy, Power when the release.
  • Inverter: Inverters play a role in the solar photovoltaic power generation system, not only has the charge and discharge automatic control (off-grid system), play a role in protecting the battery, and can convert DC into AC output, also has Anti-lightning, anti-short circuit, anti-overload, anti-reverse protection.
  • Support: Stand in the solar photovoltaic power generation system has played a role in supporting solar crystal silicon solar panels, it can not only improve power generation efficiency, but also to resist the impact of the corresponding environmental factors.

solar power generatiron system

Home solar power generation system based on the development of new solar mobile power station. Solar mobile power station is in the photovoltaic off-grid power station on the basis of the battery panels, batteries, controllers, inverters were integrated to facilitate the transport and assembly of products.

Solar mobile power station's main function: through the solar panels to the sun's radiation energy into electrical energy stored in the battery, and then through the inverter will be converted to alternating current DC power output for household appliances to provide energy products. At the same time, solar mobile power station is also fully taken into account the portability of the system components can be placed in a centralized box, easy to transport and placed.

Portable solar power generator Category: solar mobile power station because of taking into account the portability, so the design of the 500W, 1000W two power station specifications, through the combination of the two specifications to meet the user's power requirements.
solar power gnerator
500W solar power generator:

The system uses two 250W polysilicon panels, a 200HA battery, a 500W reverse control one machine composition, the daily generating capacity of about 2 degrees, can be used for 1.5 degrees, to meet the family solar lighting, entertainment needs.
solar powered portable generator
1000W solar power generator:

Using four 250W polysilicon panels, two 200HA battery, a 1000W reverse control one machine composition, power output of about 4 degrees per day, can be used for 3 degrees, to meet the family of solar power lighting, entertainment needs.
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