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Solar Power Generation Systems Classification

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-11 17:07:24

Solar power generation into off-grid power systems and grid systems:

Off-grid power systems. Mainly consists of solar modules, controller, battery composition, to an AC load, also need to configure AC inverter.

DC power generation system is generated through solar modules and grid-connected inverter converts AC power into the electricity grid in line with the requirements of direct access to the public grid after this. And solar power generator systems have centralized large-scale power plants are generally national grid station, the main feature is the power can be directly delivered to the grid by grid power to the unified deployment of the user. But this power plant investment, long construction period, large area, the development of a relatively large degree of difficulty. The small and decentralized power generation systems, especially BIPV power system, due to the small investment, quick construction, small footprint, large policy support, etc., is the grid of the mainstream.


Pros and Cons of Solar Energy System

  • Solar energy inexhaustible, solar radiation the Earth's surface to accept to meet global energy demand 10,000 times. As long as the installation of solar energy storage system in the global 4% desert, the generated electricity to meet global needs. Solar energy safe, reliable, does not suffer from the energy crisis or the impact of the fuel market instability;
  • Solar energy widely available at the nearest power supply, do not have long-distance transportation, avoid the loss of long-distance transmission lines;
  • Solar energy without fuel, low operating costs;
  • Solar power has no moving parts, easy to use damage, easy maintenance, particularly suitable for unattended use;
  • Solar power does not produce any waste, no pollution, noise pollution, no adverse effects on the environment, it is an ideal clean energy;
  • Solar power systems, short construction period, convenient and flexible, and can increase or decrease depending on the load, any add or reduce the solar capacity of the square, to avoid wastage.
  • Ground applications are intermittent and random, electricity production and climatic conditions, at night or rainy days can not or rarely generate electricity;
  • Low energy density, under standard conditions, received on the ground solar radiation intensity 1000W / M ^ 2. Large size, it needs to occupy a large area;
  • The price is still more expensive, conventional power generation from 3 to 15 times higher initial investment.
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