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Solar Power Generation System Inverter Drive Control Circuit

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-14 18:29:59
Common Drive Circuit
Solar power portable generator system inverter drive circuit mainly for the power switch, power thyristor gate drive, you want to get a good PWM pulse waveform, the drive circuit design is very important. The past is disaggregated element or logic circuit plus external circuit to implement this design: One more component count, space Second waveform of poor quality, low reliability; third is cumbersome and complex control. In recent years, the development of microelectronics and integrated circuit technology, a lot of dedicated multi-functional integrated chip launched to design the application circuit has brought great convenience. As used in inverter designs on a variety of switch drive circuit: SG3524, SG3525, TL494, SCALE Integrated Drive (2SD315A), IR2130, etc., in the inverter circuit design widely used.

SG3525 is a high-performance single-chip fixed frequency PWM controller for the second solar power generation of the pulse width controller that drives N-channel enhancement type MOS transistor, power supply voltage 8.40V, output frequency up to 400kHz. The controller contains accurate voltage reference, a high-frequency oscillator, error amplifier, PWM comparator latches, phase splitter, undervoltage lockout, dual totem pole output, low impedance drive, soft start circuit and closed circuit. Signal through the current limit and comparator logic and output driver, with a very short propagation delay. To load in harsh conditions uninterrupted power supply, power module and ensure safety, the controller is designed with fast current limit comparator, which has a function-by-pulse current limit.

SCALE CONCEPT Integrated Drive by the Swiss company, designed to provide a driving circuit for the IGBT and power MOSFET. It has a multi-functional, low cost, easy to use, good reliability. According to the practical application of the different requirements for driving performance, the number of drive output channels, isolation, SCALE integrated drive having respective different models of portable solar generation, which can meet different needs.
SCALE drive current devices provide up to 18A, on-level output drive signal is + 15V, shutdown level is a 15V; Jian Guan frequency range of 100kHz Having 500V 10kV electrical isolation characteristics;? Duty ratio of square 100%. Meanwhile, the device also has an internal short circuit and over-current protection circuit, isolated state identification circuit, power detection circuit and DC/DC switching power supply.

Gao IR2130 driver chip is a voltage, high speed power MOSFET and IGBT driver, the working voltage of 10-20V, respectively, three separate Xie and low-end output channels. Logic inputs are compatible with CMOS or LSTTL output, the minimum can be achieved 2.5V logic voltage.Solar power generator can control six large power transistor turn-on and turn-off order, widely used in the three-phase inverter circuit.

Common control circuitry chip

Inverter circuit mainly provide common control logic and waveform requirements for the driving circuit, such as PWM, SPWM control signals. Commonly used chip: INTEL company 8XC196 series, produced by Motorola Inc. MP16, MICROCHIP company's PIC16C73, Texas Instruments TMS320F2〇6, TMS320F240, SG3525 like these usually used for portable solar power generator.

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