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Solar Power Generation Development Process

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-23 14:27:24
Solar power generation development process, solar energy through chemical energy into electricity: the use of molten salt ashamed working fluid, after receiving solar radiation rose to high temperature is decomposed into M (l) and X2 (g), deposited in one electrode liquid metal cloth on the other electrode accumulation Gaseous X2 (g). By cooling the material through a heat exchanger, both can be recombined in the fuel cell at low temperatures to produce electrical turns, as shown in Figure 4-1-7, By the decomposition of a broad decomposition of the working fluid and re-combined to produce electricity from the fuel cell. A more practical approach is at a high temperature through a series of endothermic chemical reaction of water decomposition, then it can produce hydrogen, it Is itself the final fuel product that can be used to produce electricity.

In essence, fossil fuels (including coal, oil, natural gas, etc.) are deposited millions of years ago by animal and plant debris while animals depend on plant photosynthesis for their survival - and, consequently, fossil fuels But in the form of chemical energy stored in the solar energy ... This process is very easy to reverse the high temperature and release.So we use portable solar power generator as backup power for some special case.

Photoelectrons emit batteries in the same way as thermionic cells, which, in theory, can reproduce this process in the laboratory, synthesize fuel on a large scale, or even efficiently, depending on photosynthesis, and burn the synthetic fuels by conventional methods And when the presence of chlorophyll, the photosynthesis chemical reaction can be summarized as follows: chlorophyll absorption wavelength shorter than 680mn visible light and activation, and its energy to water molecules, thus releasing a hydrogen atom and carbon dioxide molecules to generate and Oxygen molecules * HsCO which is the basic molecules of carbohydrates, is stable at low temperatures, and at high temperatures are decomposed into carbon dioxide and water molecules, while the release of heat.
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The above equation shows that the absorbed photon energy should be at least equal to or greater than this value, which is roughly equivalent to the energy of two blue photons or three red photons. Of course, two blue photons or three red photons are simultaneously The chances of a chlorophyll molecule being absorbed are very small, so the energy required to release hydrogen atoms from water molecules is mainly from activated chlorophyll molecules, not directly from solar energy.

In the laboratory, the chlorophyll molecule can produce a carbohydrate molecule for every S photons in the laboratory, which is equivalent to 30% efficiency, and can be used in plastic pipes or pools, under optimum conditions The algae are harvested, dried and burned to produce heat, which is then converted to electricity by conventional methods. Solar energy is converted to electricity by biomass energy: the solar power portable generator effect can also be a source of fuel. Such as the use of algae anaerobic fermentation method can produce biogas, algae can add nutrients in the urban sewage growth, the result of anaerobic fermentation to generate biogas, the main component of methane, which can large-scale, low-cost solar power generation of electricity methane is a very good fuel that is stable at room temperature and reacts with oxygen to produce very high temperatures and releases stored energy in the form of heat. Solar energy is converted to methane at a 2% efficiency Of the chemical energy of a square kilometer area of methane produced by the site can store 4MW of converted solar power - this method can also solve the problem of large cities of sewage treatment.First, the long harvest of algae, after drying Approximately 5% solids in the back, and the remainder in the water.After about three weeks of anaerobic fermentation of these solid algae, about half of the organic matter becomes m gas which can be used as a conventional fuel to generate heat for power. TAG: South Time Drones Tiger Devices Alta AES Ireland Hawaii Duke 100Ah 48V telecom Malta Battery-Box