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Solar Power Generation Applications In The Communications

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-19 11:19:30
Portable solar power generator systems in the industry's most mature application embodied in the communications, solar energy is applied to unmanned microwave relay stations, cable maintenance stations, electric power, radio communications, paging, power supply systems, rural carrier telephone photovoltaic systems, small communication equipment soldiers GPS power supply. As Telegraph power, is considered the most promising in terms of the size of microwave communication, especially as many microwave fiber optic communications network relay station, most of the settings in between secluded desert or mountain, since many unmanned station, its scope of application become very widespread. Generally speaking, each microwave relay station a few hundred watts or more capacity, a project on average more than 20 relay stations, can imagine its huge size.

In the telemetry system applications, unmanned radio relay station power dam management telemetry system using solar cells by more. For the following reasons, it is mainly used in the past secluded mountain land, which are not easy to introduce a commercial power supply place,so today will use solar power portable genertor for it.
Portable Solar Generator for Handle
Due to the limited coverage of the television signal, many remote towns, mountains, islands difficult to receive television programs, in the absence of a satellite broadcast, the television using poor transfer approach is simple and feasible. But generally the difference between the turntable are provided in Gao hill, is a power supply problem. The use of solar power generation, is relatively easy. Since the 1970s, China has established a number of solar-powered television station, received a good social benefits. This stand-alone solar power station was about l00mW, and can achieve unattended, automatic broadcast. As the first Canadian province of Quebec radio communications using solar energy projects completed in 1987 in James Bay. Siemens uses 4kWp solar arrays and 4400AH capacity sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. Since then, solar radio communications because of its high reliability, low maintenance, suitable for obvious advantages without electricity in remote mountainous gradually replace the traditional radio communications. In fact, after 16 years, the performance of the solar cell module of the attenuation does not exceed 20%. James Bay is now the expansion of PV modules at the end of 2001 were installed 10 solar cell module 55W and 400W four fans.

Because no local power grid, so trying to use solar power to provide radio communications signals. According to local geographical, meteorological data and cost estimates, design of photovoltaic, wind and diesel hybrid system. In the new lie, because of the particularity geographical environment (Gobi, desert, etc.), the number of mobile communication base stations, fiber optic cable repeater stations using solar power portable generator systems. After completion, the operation has been good, bring great convenience to the radio communications of local residents.

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