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Solar Power Generation Applications For Home

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-19 13:28:09
With respect to the way many applications of solar energy, solar photovoltaic applications in the history of home appliances appearing relatively late, the scale is relatively small. But as people continue to increase demand for portable solar power generator and environmentally friendly growing, the development prospects of solar power portable generator for home is extremely broad.

Application Status of solar PV in appliances

Because of the structural performance of the price of solar power generation and solar aspects, solar photovoltaic applications in home appliances subject to certain constraints, but with the human use of new energy and solar PV continue to pay attention to their own unique advantages of solar energy in the home industry in the application has also been greatly developed. Whether in developed or have been developed in the solar photovoltaic appliance industry in developing countries, and formed a certain scale.

After the development and utilization of solar PV into the field of home appliances, a variety of solar home new products have emerged, such as solar Chamber abdominal lamp, lawn lamp, solar fans, solar TV, solar phones, solar air conditioning, solar camera, solar fans ,off grid solar power generator and other summer hat . Which especially solar garden lights and solar lawn of the fastest growing, and formed a considerable scale of production, international market demand for solar lawn is huge, in 2002, only in Guangdong for the manufacture of solar lawn consume the n solar cell reached 7.8MW above, a significant number of solar cells are imported from abroad, to predict the future remains strong momentum of development.
solar power portable generator
Solar photovoltaic applications in the form and characteristics of home appliances

Too can photovoltaic system itself has its unique characteristics:

① no depletion of danger;
② absolutely clean (pollution-free, except for the battery);
③ not limited geographical distribution of resources;
④ the nearest electricity generation in place;
⑤ energy quality Gao;
⑥ user emotionally receptive;
⑦ Get short time energy consumption;
⑧ power supply system is reliable.

The downside is:

① irradiation energy distribution density,
② energy obtained with the seasons, day and night, and confront other meteorological conditions;
③ cost is relatively high. Some of the above characteristics together determine the solar photovoltaic products and home appliances in the combined application of the unique advantages and associated constraints.

Thus, photovoltaic appliances usually have such features. First, in order to secure the stability of power supply, solar power generation systems are usually equipped with batteries. For smaller loads, such as solar garden lights, you can use nickel-metal hydride or nickel-cadmium lifePo4 batteries, for larger loads, such as solar power TV system, you can use lifePo4 batteries. Photovoltaic appliances and electric power consumption is usually small, usually in the 300W or less power, if power electricity load is too large will increase the amount of wood and the battery components, resulting in rising costs of photovoltaic appliances, household appliances decreased PV cost-effective. For example, a power output of 250W PV TV system, in order to ensure the normal operation 4h, need 10CA.h / 12V lifePo4 batteries, the lifePo4 battery would cost 500 yuan. If the component is equipped with 75W, then the only cost components and the battery will need about 3,000 yuan, more than the price of a television set. Obtained reliable photovoltaic appliances, solar power generation supply system a good power supply quality and reliability for more than 20 years in the field of communications power, marine navigation systems and other practical applications confirmed as long as the rational design, the solar photovoltaic power supply and appliance phase incorporated appliances power will not affect the performance of appliances, but also to provide stable power and broader design ideas for the home appliance industry.
Portable Solar Generators
AC and DC power supply points are usually used in home appliances, home appliances respective solar photovoltaic DC and AC will have the points, there are some solar photovoltaic power both AC output DC output can meet the needs of different types of home appliances. Common solar garden lights, solar cell phone chargers and other appliances are DC photovoltaic, its structure is relatively simple.

DC photovoltaic appliances basic principles for the exchange of solar photovoltaic appliances, such as solar fans, solar DC home appliances and different is the addition of an inverter, the direct current into alternating current for solar power portable generator applications in the appliance, and if the power consumption electricity load is relatively small, can be designed using a single solar-powered appliances as the power supply; and if the load power consumption is relatively large, you can also use electricity when solar photovoltaic power supply as a supplement, which will help reduce solar PV throughout the system cost, optimizing the structure of photovoltaic home appliances.

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