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Solar Power Battery Square Structure

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-29 15:31:59
The voltage of the independent solar power generator system matrix is often designed to correspond to the battery nominal voltage or their integer multiple, and with the electrical voltage level. Such as 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V and so on. AC solar power supply system and on grid solar power generation system, the design is 110V or 220V and so on. The matrix is a collection of many components, but also need cables, blocking diodes and bypass diodes to make electrical connections to the components, and need to be equipped with a dedicated. Substation and total junction box with arrester. In bird areas to prevent bird droppings caused by hot spots, need to install bird-fighting devices.

The principle of the composition of the square.In series, the components with the same operating current are required, and the bypass diodes are connected to each component.Parallel operation requires the same voltage components, and in each parallel series blocking diode.Consider the principle of the shortest possible interconnection of components and use thicker wires.To strictly prevent individual performance deterioration of the solar cell components mixed into the square.

Measurement methods

The measurement of the square matrix is very difficult to carry on under the standard condition, usually uses in the natural sunlight to use the portable photovoltaic square meter examination then transforms to the information IEC standard condition. Special attention should be placed on the standard photovoltaic cells in the same square of the measured square array, measured before the opaque material will be closely covered by the phalanx measured, such as the temperature and the ambient temperature when the cover suddenly opened, as short as possible Of the time, the square after the square of the light-emitting characteristics of the volt-ampere curve and the basic parameters, compared with the standard reference battery, calculate the square in the standard case of the output power.
Uneven irradiation and "hot spot"

When an array of solar power batteries is partially obscured or damaged for external reasons, the rest of the array is exposed to sunlight, so that partially shaded cells are bound to provide the necessary part of the load from the remaining batteries. Total power. This makes some of the battery as a diode in the reverse current operation, the resistance and voltage drop will be great, so as to absorb power and lead to heat, which may damage or even damage the battery, because the solar battery appears high temperature, so called "Hot spot". In order to avoid the "hot spot" solar power generation, usually "bypass diodes" and "blocking diode" approach to solve. With a block of the solar cell series circuit to U that is generated by the "hot spot".

Bypass diodes prevent individual solar power batteries in a series circuit from being damaged due to being shielded, while also avoiding power losses due to the array being discharged through this shielded battery. Blocking diodes prevent the array from being discharged through this branch when a parallel branch in the array is unable to solar generate power due to being blocked. In general, these diodes have two functions. One is to prevent damage to those solar cells or modules that are occluded, and the other to prevent serious degradation of the overall efficiency of the array when some solar cell elements are blocked.

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