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Solar Power Battery In Parallel

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 16:41:41
Two identical solar power battery with a variable load in parallel and connected to the same result each battery power at both ends, and if the total current density compared with two identical lifePo4 battery pack by both current density and its characteristics JU also identical, and each - each cell will produce the same current density, the same short circuit current density and the open circuit voltage is the same, regardless of the value of R and how changes in the load, the total current density is equal to the constant current generated by each cell density twice.

Information and conclusions discussed above are equally applicable to solar panels in parallel or once a large network in which case there is a less efficient battery or when the panels. At this time, the lower the efficiency of the cell will receive all of his other electrical current, resulting in heat generation. this condition is occurs when the number exceeded the parallel plate cell or battery impedance corresponding to the critical value, and formation of irreversible degradation.

To prevent this from happening, the manufacturer is introduced in each parallel path - a diode in series Similarly, in the series circuit, each cell or battery plates also introduced a diode connected in parallel, however, it is introduced. after Ji diode, was bound to lead to the loss of energy, particularly in large networks, this is the situation God can not be ignored. it is for this reason that there is need for the network to study the critical point, so that the desired introduced diode.
Solar Power Generator 110A
In recent years, as the compound semiconductor substrate thin film lifePo4 batteries attracted more and more attention because of the rapid progress made in the production and assembly of active devices. In addition, it appears that it does not exist as a-Si solar power batteries between the inherent stability problems.

In recent child, appeared on the market two new amorphous silicon solar power battery components, one is a flexible polymer component as a matrix, the curl radius of up to 5mm, power mass ratio of 0.275Wg, efficiency up to now has been successfully should be read on the solar-powered aircraft and cars ? it is resistance to high-energy particle radiation than silicon cells high above the level of a number of children, so it is likely to become an important space solar power plant power competitor. another is to use translucent glass substrate amorphous silicon lifePo4 batteries module, which can be prepared on a flat or curved, Japanese scientists have used it as a wall of buildings built solar energy, energy of the emitted meet the needs of the residents living above the significant progress more human scale use of solar power to contribute.

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