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Solar Power Battery Efficiency Up to 60%

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-09 14:47:25
Solar energy is probably the most well-known alternative energy source, but because of the challenges of cost and physics itself, there is still a long way to go before it becomes a fully sustainable and practical alternative energy source. However, the Japanese manufacturer Sharp now come up with a new solar power batteries, efficiency is the efficiency of most of the current solar power batteries twice.

Sunlight from a variety of wavelengths of light composition, the current solar panels on the market mainly silicon material, the main absorption and conversion of visible light, about one third of the sun, short wavelength near UV light does not work, the new light Rural solar street lamp factory electricity conversion rate of about 20%. The use of cheap aluminum-based materials, the oxide semiconductor substrate with high-density distribution diameter of only one thousandth of the hair diameter of aluminum fine particles. Experiments show that the use of this aluminum fine particle structure of the solar panels can be highly efficient absorption and conversion of sunlight in the near ultraviolet light, solar panels can photoelectric conversion rate increased to 30%.
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Photovoltaic module team successfully developed before the use of fine particles of gold to capture near-ultraviolet light solar panels, but expensive, difficult to commercial use. The aluminum-based material for the battery panels wich is necessary for portable solar power generator, with low prices, not easy to damage the advantages of Jiangsu PV module frame manufacturers. Researchers will further study the shape and arrangement of aluminum fine particles and continue to improve the photoelectric conversion rate to develop efficient and low-cost solar panels.

The main problem with the efficiency of solar power generation is the nature of the sun itself and the laws of physics. When the sun shines on solar power batteries, it emits high-energy electrons that convert solar energy into electrical energy. However, in the unimaginable trillion trillion seconds, the energy carried by these electrons are converted into heat, no way to effectively use solar led street light. This decades-old problem has stumped many physicists working in this field. Now, Sharp's research team may have really solved the problem. Essentially, with new materials and new ideas, the team can let solar cells emit heat before high-energy electrons capture it. This is a groundbreaking milestone in solar science because they can harness these high-energy electrons for the first time to produce electricity from photovoltaic panels, achieving a theoretical conversion efficiency of 60 percent.If this come ture i think we need mor solar power generators for household and industry and other areas
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The technology makes the battery, although has a good function, but in other areas still can not beat the traditional solar power batteries, but with its 9% of the light energy conversion rate, as emerging technologies in the field of solar cell PV test method has been pid Is a huge considerable progress. This solar cell application prospects are very wide, there is no traditional solar cells on the conditions and the temperature limit the number of solar photovoltaic panel installers.

Unfortunately, this kind of solar cell is still in the prototype stage, it is too thin, can not absorb more sunlight, and can only absorb a wavelength of sunlight. Most existing solar power batteries can absorb different wavelengths of sunlight this could use on solar powered portable generator. However, it has opened the door for the commercialization of high efficiency solar power batteries.

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