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Solar Power Batery Constitute

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-26 16:18:50

From smaller solar cells, such as calculators and watches, to large-scale bromine used in solar power generation systems, it is necessary to operate at a constant voltage or current for a long time under certain circumstances. The solar cell is a combination of a plurality of solar cell elements connected in series or in parallel so that a certain voltage can be obtained, and at the same time, a support plate, a filler, a paint and the like, which can withstand the natural environmental conditions for a long period of time, Is called a solar cell module, and has various shapes of solar power batteries modules in accordance with the purpose, purpose, scale, and solar power battery type of solar power.

To drive calculators, watches, radios, tape recorders, televisions, chargers, electronic products, generally Pan 1.5V to tens of volts, and a single solar cell voltage is less than 1V, so to drive these electronic products, A series of solar cell components connected in series to achieve the required voltage, a people's livelihood with crystalline silicon solar cell components of the structure is arranged in the solar cell components, connected in series components can be seen as driving electronic devices, requires a certain high-pressure, And the assembly method there is a problem of high cost, too many wiring points; from the point of view of reliability point of the folder too many points is detrimental.

The other is the amorphous silicon solar power batteries because amorphous silicon is formed by gas reaction, it is easy to form a thin film on a single substrate to facilitate a number of unit cells connected in series to obtain a higher power output; this is the author First developed into the integrated amorphous silicon solar cells. The unit cells formed on an insulating substrate are appropriately etched and the adjacent unit cells are connected in series with each other by a transparent electrode and a back electrode so as to obtain a high voltage. The I-type is formed on the end of the insulating substrate The unit cells are connected in series, and the etching of the amorphous film can be easily performed in the entirety except for the connecting portions of the end portions, and the type II shown is connected in series at the edge portions of the respective unit cells, Power loss due to the resistance of the transparent electrode.
Therefore, for solar power batteries mainly used in fluorescent lamps as low-power electronic devices such as calculators, the structure of the integrated solar cell type I is used, and for those devices mainly used in sunlight such as watches, radios, chargers and the like , An integrated type solar cell type II structure is generally used to reduce the power loss caused by the resistance of the transparent electrode, and the integrated type amorphous silicon solar cell in which a plurality of amorphous silicon solar cells are formed on one substrate The lifepo4 battery is called a subassembly.

Developed for the watch, calculator, radio, charger and other devices in the integrated amorphous silicon solar cell components.From the photo shows, integrated amorphous silicon solar cells can be made into various gods shape.

In addition, recently appeared in the figure shown in the laminated (multi-layer structure) solar cells, which overlap in the vertical direction of several layers of solar cells, and give full play to the amorphous gui solar cell preparation features are being developed 2-3 Layer structure of the solar power battery used in calculators, watches, radios, and chargers, solar power portable generator which are used in the solar cell of the two-layer structure of the calculator, have been put into practical use. Respectively, in fluorescent lamps 200IX, tungsten filament lamp 1000 IX, solar AM-1 100mW / CM2 characteristics.

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